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Boot Dusseldorf 2015: new motor boats and motor yachts

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Boot Düsseldorf 2015 – 17 to 25 January - A selection of new motor boats and motor yachts


The main structural element of inflatable boats is the air pumped into the inflatable tubes. Top of the range are rigid-hulled inflatable boats, known for short as RIBs.

A bathing platform above the engine, aft-facing passenger seats and a ski pole make the Williams Sportjet 520 (5.2 m, Hall/Stand 9/C 04) an ideal towboat for waterskiers and wakeboarders – for whom there should be at least one person on board to keep an eye on them.

Belonging to the offshore category of inflatables, the Pischel Ribline 6.8 Premium (6.8 m, Hall/Stand10/E 17) is a boat that unites a host of different features. It has an extremely deep V-shape for maximum comfort on the move and a huge fuel tank with a capacity of 280 L, while offering aft seating and vast storage space.

A touch of a button at the helm to lower its three wheels and the amphibious Sealegs 5.6 RIB (on show at Marina Düsseldorf, Hall/Stand 5/E 42) can be driven ashore. A speed of up to 10 km/h overland is said to be possible thanks to its inboard 24 hp Honda motor. Though the vehicle is not licensed for use on public roads, the exhibitor claims it can be beached on the meadows of the Rhine as long as 70 per cent of it stays in the water. So it is at least possible to go ashore via the bow without getting wet feet.

Multi-purpose boats

Small multi-purpose boats, whether fully open or with a functional wheelhouse, are popular with anglers and day-trippers.

The Quicksilver Activ 455 Open (4.55 m, Hall/Stand 9/D 39) is deemed by its maker to be the perfect entry-level model for water sports, recreation, fishing and transportation. Despite its compact size, it has a large bathing platform and, both at the bow and in the cockpit, comfortable seating for up to five.

Guymarine (Hall/Stand 4/C 40) is exhibiting for the first time in Germany and showing four boats in this category: two Antioches (6.5 and 7 m) with a wheelhouse and side-decks plus a functional fore-cabin; and two White Sharks (6.98 and 7.49 m), fully open vessels with a console helm station.

Sports boats

Small sports boats are popular with boating novices and lovers of fair-weather craft.

The concept of the Bénéteau Flyer 7 (7.62 m, Hall/Stand 4/B 39) centres on a specially shaped hull with four air ducts between the rails over the first two thirds of the hull's length. On the move, the airstream from the boat's motion flows automatically into the ducts, creating an air cushion over the final third and lifting the hull in the process. This minimises friction and drag through the water and achieves a smoother and faster transition to planing. This versatile dayboat is available in three different deck configurations: fully open, with a saloon and as a bowrider.

The design of the Frauscher 747 Mirage (7.47 m, Hall/Stand 6/B 42) underscores Frauscher's roots in racing and also recalls super sports car design.

Daycruisers and weekenders

Sports boats with a small fore-cabin containing two to three berths are known as day cruisers and the slightly larger ones as weekenders.

Thanks to its large sliding soft top and roll-up fabric door, the Coaster 720GT (6.80 m), on show at Sun-Marine (Hall/Stand 10/D 60), is a genuine cabrio boat. For when opened, only the two side windows and the frame are left, and the saloon and helm station are then open to the sky.

Teak laminate on the floor of the cockpit and on the side-decks visually upgrades the Flipper 600DC (6.05 m, Hall/Stand 5/D 21). Its cuddy under the foredeck is open to the cockpit. Since it only takes a few manipulations to close off the cockpit with a permanently installed soft top, overnighting is nevertheless protected from the elements.

The Da Vinci 32S (9.8 m, Hall/Stand 5/D 39) is equipped with kitchen cabinetry in the cockpit and a door to the stern for convenient access to the bathing platform. With cushions laid on the lowered table surface, the U-shaped sofas – inside and outside – can be converted into recliners.

Sports cruisers and open boats

Sports cruisers have a large cockpit with an exterior helm station for fine-weather trips which can be covered with a folding roof and also have a forward saloon with or without an interior helm and/or cabins with berths. In Italy these boats are also known as “opens” because the saloon can be opened with a sliding top.

Delta Powerboats (Hall/Stand 6/A 05) have been fashioned as modern retro classics in the Scandinavian style of the 1930s. Viewed from the front, the sharp and almost vertical stem stands out. Under the foredeck there are two berths, although the two models on show – the 26 Open (7.5 m) and 33 Open (11 m) – are more fair-weather craft, as the galley, helm station and ample seating are all located in the open cockpit.

With its linear hydrodynamics, the hull of the Nimbus 305 Coupé (9.87 m, Hall/Stand 5/C 19) has also been adapted to smaller engines and designed for a smooth ride in all conceivable speed ranges. The bonded windows in the self-supporting, one-piece curved windscreen and the large roof hatches contribute to a bright and airy atmosphere in the deck saloon.

Between the two sliding tops of the Marex 375 (11.99 m, Hall/Stand 5/C 23), there is still space for solar panels as an energy source on the roof. Atypically for Scandinavian boats, the galley has been integrated in the saloon. A few steps down are two cabins with double beds and a shared shower bathroom.

The Fjord 48 Open (15.2 m, Hall/Stand 6/A 61, A 62) comes with dynamic and striking lines. A high, continuous wall provides safety at sea. At the stern, future owners can choose between cockpit tables that can be converted into a generously dimensioned reclining area or a dinghy garage with an integrated electric slip system.

Outwardly sharp and sprightly, inwardly cool and select, is how the boatyard describes the Azimut Atlantis 43 (13.86 m, Hall/Stand 6/B 58). On it can be found everything that Italian-built vessels epitomise, to which the interior furnishings with their luxury Italian fabrics from Missoni, Armani and Loro Piana contribute.

The Sunseeker Predator 57 (17.4 m, Hall/Stand 6/B 61) scores with its glass sliding door which is first slid away to both sides and then lowered behind the sofa backrest, thus creating an open-plan arrangement for the saloon and cockpit. A sliding hatch in the hard top above the saloon opens this area to the sky as well.

The Cigarette 50 Marauder (15 m, Hall/Stand 6/D 25) achieves speeds of up to 225 km/h with its new innovative Mercury Racing engines delivering a total of 3,300 hp.

Flybridge yachts

Flybridge models with their second helm station and exterior group seating in their elevated and breezy position on the saloon roof have been popular for years.

With its ergonomic shape, the instrument panel of the Bavaria Sport 450 (15 m, Hall/Stand 4/A 35) at the helm with its logically arranged instruments and switches facilitates all important information and control operations. Behind the helm station is a bar. Next to the passenger seat is a recliner which is the ideal place for hours of relaxation with a magnificent view particularly at high speeds.

The Galeon 560 Skydeck (17.15 m, Hall/Stand 6/D 29) comes with a mini-flybridge – although the flybridge only looks mini because of its low railing, so its boatyard prefers the term "skydeck". Worth mentioning as a smart feature is the hard sliding hatch for weatherproofing the flybridge together with the outside helm station and seats all in one go.

Sensor-controlled, automatic sliding glass doors on the Ferretti 750 (22.75 m, Hall/Stand 6/D 57) lead from the cockpit into the saloon where a leather-surfaced table catches the eye. Towards the wheelhouse, there is an adjoining dining area with a glass table and a small saloon and, a level lower, four cabins. The large bathing platform is lowered by pushbutton half a metre deep into the water – handy if you want to use it as a launch pad for swimming or for hauling out the tender.

Steel/aluminium cruisers

Leisurely steel cruisers and sprightly aluminium cruisers are a speciality of Dutch shipyards.

Its steep stem gives the Boarncruiser Elegance 1300-Sedan (13.3 m, Hall/Stand 17/A 38) more interior space, while the large window frontages in the saloon high above the waterline provide an almost 360° view. In the version with a semi-planing hull, it manages up to 22 kn.

The Aquanaut Andante 438 OC (13.15 m, Hall/Stand 17/C 23) is a blend of different styles and can therefore be doubtlessly termed a new classic. It has a flat bottom but also a razor-sharp bow that slices through the water. At the same time, the extra chines in the hull ensure greater stability and less wave formation.

The flybridge of the Jetten 50 MPC-Fly (14.92 m, Hall/Stand 17/A 22) is fully integrated in the superstructure and blends in seamlessly. Curving around the central helm console on the flybridge is a large lounge seat, so that the skipper sits among his guests at the helm. The master cabin is located in the middle and most peaceful area, and one of the guest cabins can be fitted out as an office with a sea view.

Linssen (Hall/Stand 17/A 24) is taking part with three world premieres, 9.75, 12.85 and 16.24 m long.

Workboat-look and navettas

Boats that look liking working or fishing boats and take rough water in their stride are very popular in Finland as transport vessels to the skerries. Compared to the trawlers modelled on and partially resembling Asian and American fishing craft, they are much more agile, however. For boats of this kind, the term "navetta" is used in Italy.

Nord Star (Hall/Stand 5/E 40) is attending with two boats of this kind, the 10 m 30 Patrol with Z-drives and up to 748 hp and the 11.5 m 34 Patrol with up to 870 hp and a choice of propeller shafting, Z-drives and IPS drives.

What used to be Minor is now Sargo (Hall/Stand 5/D 22). Achieving up to 40 kn, the comprehensively facelifted Sargo 31 (9.5 m) has two cabins for four and cosy seating in the deckhouse behind the newly optimised helm station. The interior layout has been adapted to customer wishes in solid Scandinavian style.

By introducing its Eco Trawler 43 LD (13.1 m), Cranchi (Hall/Stand 4/A 59) is extending its trawler series.

The Absolute Navetta 58 (17 m, Hall/Stand 6/B 28) is a successful cross between a trawler and flybridge model in the navetta style. Its relatively steep window fronts in the saloon give it a strikingly masculine aura and plenty of space in the deck saloon. For the master and guests there are three cabins, each with their own showers and, on the flybridge, a second helm station. Since it is equipped with two Volvo Penta IPS drives, the engine room has been kept pretty compact.

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