Saim Marine introduces Waveless electric fin stabilizers

Saim Marine introduces Waveless electric fin stabilizers

Saim Marine introduces Waveless STAB, electric fin stabilizers


31/07/2021 - 20:56

Saim Marine introduces Waveless electric fin stabilizers to its wide range of products. Saim Marine has always been attentive to  the needs of the market by providing top-quality and innovative products to improve life on board.

Waveless STAB is a new generation of ultra-compact electric fin stabilizers produced by CMC Marine and destined to the world’s leading yacht builders for yachts starting from 12 m (40 ft) LOA up to 35 m (115 ft). 

Waveless STAB is a very simple and best performing solution to stabilize yachts both underway and at anchor: fast, ultra-compact, low noise, low power absorption, top quality. 
Waveless STAB delivers exceptional performance with an exceptionally low power demand and energy footprint. 

The range includes 4 models. 
STAB 25 is the perfect fit for yachts between 15 m (50 ft) and 24 m (80 ft), so small and energy efficient, that it can be retrofitted on any yacht. 
STAB brake is automatically activated to lock the fins when required for maximum safety. 
Motors are brushless type and rotate the fins at up to 90° degrees per second. STAB 25 features an epicycloidal gearbox which ensures low-noise, high efficiency and zero maintenance. 

The hull bushing is available for installation on GRP, wood, steel, aluminium hulls. 
The shaftless design makes handling easy and maintenance inexpensive. 
STAB fins  are  super-light, foam-filled. GRP lamination has natural shock-absorbing properties and makes fins durable and highly resistant to wear an and tear. 
Waveless STAB is designed to be installed quickly and require low maintenance and are the best option ever for all users from the professional captain to boat owners.

Technical data:

Power supply:
200-240 V AC  - 1ph 50/60 Hz - optional: 24 V DC
200-240 V AC – 3 ph     

Power absorption – Underway:
0-1,5 kW (avg 0,2 kW)

Power absorption - At Anchor:
0-3 kW (avg 0,5 kW)

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