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XENTA: Stefano Tinti at the helm of the commercial division

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From left: Stefano Bertazzoni, Lorenzo Mongiardo and Stefano Tinti
From left: Stefano Bertazzoni, Lorenzo Mongiardo and Stefano Tinti

"XENTA is pleased to welcome Stefano Tinti to its team, a man of great experience in the field of systems and accessories in the engine room, wheelhouses and marine and naval propulsion. He joins our Company with the position of Sales Manager."  Speaking is Lorenzo Mongiardo, who together with Stefano Bertazzoni, has been leading the Roman company since 2004, the year of its foundation, in the development and production of Integrated Steering Systems for boats, yachts, superyachts and professional units.


“We met Tinti in the field - continues Mongiardo - discovering Stefano's technical preparation and the passion, his reliability and accuracy he provides the shipyards optimal solutions to their needs. The contact with him came at the right time for us, because XENTA is in a phase of great growth, favored by the success of our technology the ability to make a difference, and bring a real value-added quality to each hull.

We were born with the idea of simplifying the maneuvering yachts - explains Stefano Bertazzoni - creating, the first Joystick control system in the world that was able to replace conventional docking methods. With the research and development of our Integrated Steering Systems, we are revolutionizing pleasure and commercial boating. In the coming months, we will be introducing new products and new features for existing ones that will reaffirm XENTA's role as a key player in boating 4.0.

To Stefano Tinti - says Bertazzoni - we entrust the task of consolidating our market, the already excellent relationships we have with a series of shipyards and technological partners of primary importance, but also that of expanding our horizons to customers who still do not fully know our products.

Finally, Stefano Tinti takes the floor and says: "I am very happy to have chosen to work alongside Lorenzo and Stefano, and the young, inventive and well-prepared people that make up the XENTA team. I don't like to define my involvement as an adventure nor as a challenge - continues Tinti - because it is, instead, a logical choice starting with the analysis of the technology that XENTA expresses and of the potentialities that it generates in the marine field.

At this moment the XENTA systems, so integrated and modular, offer to the owner, to the captain and to the shipyard, a unique solution in terms of simplicity of installation, effectiveness and customization. The XENTA Joystick has brought great fame to the Company, but it is certainly not the only product line on which XENTA can be considered. Those who choose XENTA have access to a level of integration between Electro-Hydraulic Steering, Electronic Throttle System, Joystick, Trim Tabs and Remote Control System that is unique on the market and which in turn can be fully integrated with the best electronic instrumentation offered on board.

We are able to leave to the pilot only the best of navigation, the adrenaline of performance, the pleasure of making evolutions, the awareness of being able to manage maneuvers confidently at all speeds, in restricted waters or in the open sea, putting him in the condition to utilize 100% of the technical characteristics of his hull, the power of his engines.
I'm sure - ends Stefano Tinti - that my professional experience will be full of satisfactions.


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