Saim celebrates its 70th birthday

Saim celebrates its 70th birthday

A lot of goals achieved make Saim celebrates its 70th birthday


30/06/2021 - 12:14

SAIM started by opening a small office downtown in Milan, Italy. After 70 years SAIM is a large Group with its headquarters in Buccinasco, around Milan, three branches and a qualified network of 100 dealers. SAIM is managed by the third generation and has a 40 million euros turnover. It focuses its business on marine, industrial and engineering. SAIM celebrates its 70th birthday and moves ahead  by making the most of its experience while facing its tasks with the responsibility the company is renowned for. From automotive to yachts, the history of SAIM, a successful combination of intuition and commitment 

The beginning of its 8th decade is an important goal for SAIM. The company has been importing and distributing high-tech components and accessories for different applications on the marine and industrial markets for more than 70 years and providing a service of the highest standard for sales and after-sales. 

The Buccinasco-based company was founded by Donato Donà in Milan in 1951 to distribute engines and components for the  industrial and  automotive markets. Today SAIM Group focuses its business on the marine, industrial and engineering with a turn-over of more than 40 million euro, three branches – Rome, Bologna and Viareggio – a network of more than 100 dealers and represents renowned international brands of highest technological and quality standard. 

At its 70th birthday SAIM is currently managed by the family third generation, Donato’s grandchildren: Massimo Donà, President, Marco, Donà CEO and Vicepresident, Cristina Donà, Marketing and Communication Manager, while Giorgio Donà, the company founder son, is currently leading the New Project Development Department after successfully achieving most of the goals over the last 60 years. 

Constant growth, acquisitions, joint-ventures with international companies, a lot of goals successfully achieved make SAIM long history. Commitment, a singular vision and curiosity are still part of its DNA. 

Donato Donà, the company founder was a forward-looking man who understood engines were strongly needed for agriculture and industry development after the war. He purchased General Motors engines which had previously equipped the Sherman tanks. They were used to build industrial generators. 

This very first step set the stage for future success. Inverters, transmission systems and gearboxes integrated the range of products the company offered. Donà contacted ZF and imported the German brand in Italy when the country was experiencing economy booming and car industry was driving Italy development.

SAIM successfully provided all Italian car industries with gearboxes, clutches, steering wheels etc. which were employed for cars and especially for lorries, which were so important for the economy development.

The supply to car industry also meant spare parts. Giorgio Donà, Donato’s son, focused on this branch from 1962. Spare parts supply became SAIM core business on the automotive and industrial markets while in the meantime the company started to work on the marine market. SAIM Marine was founded in 1993.

While keeping to developing SAIM became a reliable partner for its customers. In the 90s FIAT was a very important customer and asked for a direct contact with its suppliers. Donà founded ZF Italia with ZF AG. At the beginning of the 90s he envisaged the booming of the yacht industry far before it occurred and decided to make investments. His forward-thinking choices allowed to gain the market expertise before the business developed so fast in 2000 until 2008. SAIM took advantage of its know–how to use it in the marine field. 

 “We are very proud of celebrating the 70th birthday of our company– Giorgio Donà comments – however it is just a starting point to make sure the future of our company and our employees. We will keep on researching quality and sustainability for the coming years”.

 “We will make the most of our long-standing tradition – say Massimo, Marco and Cristina Donà – while  focusing on looking for innovative products, on expanding our market, on enlarging our range of products and caring for quality to keep our service the best ever on the market”.

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