NSS as first italian dealer for Lagoon Club subscribers

NSS as first italian dealer for Lagoon Club subscribers

Sailing boat

16/11/2021 - 14:18

Catamaran as a passion, as a philosophy of life, as a way of life. All catamaran enthusiasts and all Lagoon catamaran owners have their club. For club members prestigious and unmissable events and exclusive benefits.

Everybody can take part to the Club and have access to Lagoon exclusive media, news and articles.
The members will be able to check and configure the boats, ask for a quotation and have access to Lagoon boutique.

Lagoon owners will also have access to more exclusive promo as specific products for Lagoon catamarans and also to dedicated offers as for example special prices for a mooring place in affiliated Marinas.

We're glad to have been the main Italian dealer during the years. Now NSS is the third in the world, the first in Italy, to connect so many enthusiasts to Lagoon Club.

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