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Y On Watch, a remote control via smartphone or smartwatch

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Y On Watch, a remote control via smartphone or smartwatch
Y On Watch, a remote control via smartphone or smartwatch

YYachts launches Y On Watch, a remote control for its models via smartphone or smartwatch. The shipyard is thus once again setting standards in the digitalization of yachting.
Is the yacht safely moored in bad weather? How full are the water tanks? And is the white wine actually well pre-cooled? With Y On Watch, the new and outstanding digital application from YYachts, owners can monitor their yacht from a distance and, above all, adjust it themselves - extremely conveniently via smartphone or smartwatch.


Y On Watch is a true multi-talent in which the app bundles numerous services and thus networks the yacht in a way that is familiar from a smart home on land, for example. Every function and every device on board can be operated remotely with Y On Watch. The aforementioned refrigerator can be activated when the yacht is being approached, as can the air conditioning or the lighting, of course.

This is made possible by combining the best cutting-edge technologies in the yachting industry: Y On Watch is the result of combining two, different BUS systems (CZone and NMAEA 2000) with YYachts' hardware. In addition, Y On Watch is connected to YYachts' AI cloud technology for data analysis.

Dirk Zademack, Managing Partner of YYachts, says: "This system is synonymous with fun, comfort and safety on board. Our hardware and software devices work intelligently together to provide 360degree monitoring with many great services for YYachts owners."

With Y ON WATCH, owners can not only remotely switch on and off all systems on board their YYacht; Y On Watch's artificial intelligence also monitors all functions and conditions, so whether you are on board or not, owners always have a complete and detailed overview of what is going on. Whether the shore power is disconnected, someone collides with the yacht or even someone tries to steal it is documented in real time. Push notifications, statistics and data always keep owners up to date.
If a sensor detects anomalies or some technical values fall below a predefined level, Y On Watch triggers an alarm and also informs immediately on the smartphone.

To ensure that the yacht is always in perfect condition, Y On Watch keeps track of all necessary service and maintenance work so that no interval can be forgotten. Y On Watch provides a link between the shipyard and its specialized technicians, so that excellent, reliable and fast service quality is always guaranteed worldwide.
Once the shipyard or service interval has been completed, Y On Watch sends a detailed list of the work that has been carried out on board.

A digital logbook is also integrated into Y On Watch. It activates automatically when the yacht leaves the harbor and records the position, miles travelled, speed and much more in real time.

YYachts founder Michael Schmidt comments on Y On Watch as follows: "Since the founding of YYachts, we have had a strong focus on the digitalization of the yard. With Y On Watch, we are once again fulfilling this ambition and offering our customers a very advanced tool."

Y On Watch, a remote control via smartphone or smartwatch
Y On Watch, a remote control via smartphone or smartwatch

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