Furuno launches the new software version 8.01 for NavNet TZtouch 2

Furuno launches the new software version 8.01 for NavNet TZtouch 2

Furuno launches the new software version 8.01 for NavNet TZtouch 2


By Furuno
21/10/2021 - 10:52

Furuno Italia is pleased to announce the official launch of the new software version 8.01 of the NavNet TZtouch 2 Multi Function Display series.

The new software version v8.01 for TZTL12F | TZTL15F and TZT2BB, available for free, is even more complete and powerful.

New functions available on TZT2 v.8.01

Fish IT / Drift IT

Two new features added to TZtouch2 v.8.01 are Fish-It & Drift-It. They are designed to save fishermen time and fuel while maximizing their catch. 
Tapping on a location on the chart, such as a pinnacle, wreck, charted artificial reef, or even a hot fishing spot on the Fish Finder or DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar screen, creates a temporary "fishing go-to point". Dynamic range rings, a course line between the point and the boat, and a temporary track line are created, and a Fish-It data bar with distance and bearing to the point as well as your SOG and COG appears along the top of the display. Your Fish-It spot stays active until you tap Stop on the data bar. 

Once a Fish-It spot is active, the operator will have the option to activate Drift-It. This exciting new feature will automatically create a starting point from where the vessel will drift directly over your Fish-it spot. The operator can select a 3-minute, 5-minute, or even a 20-minute drift

Enhanced screenshot management

Screenshots are saved internally as “Photo” with Photo icon. (They are also saved to a USB jump drive if inserted to the USB port).

The saved screenshots on the MFD can be automatically uploaded to the TZ Cloud after one of the displays in the network is connected to the Internet.

Fleet Tracking via TZ Cloud

The Fleet Tracking enables to share and transfer vessel positions, speeds, points, routes, boundaries, etc. between the fleet and land station. 

The following functions are available on MFD for Fleet Tracking:

•    Send/receive the position report to/from the fleet;
•    Store and forward capabilities: in case of connection loss, position reports are cached (saved locally) and then uploaded as soon as the internet connection is restored (up to 7 days / 20.000 position reports);
•    Receive user objects from the fleet (sending user objects not supported on MFD). 

Anchor watch via TZ Ecosystem

The Anchor Watch Alarm for the TZ Ecosystem is now available on TZTL12F/15F/2BB v8.01. The Anchor Watch Alarm allows you to set and monitor your position with respect to an anchor point: if your position is too far from the recorded point, an alert or an alarm will be activated (also via SMS).

The Anchor Watch Alarm can be sent to the TimeZero Cloud (internet connection required) so you can remotely monitor the boat on any web browser.

Additional functions available
The following additional functions are available on TZTL12F/15F/2BB v8.01:
•    FUSION-LINK: the TZTL12F/15F/2BB v8.01 can be networked with FUSION-Link stereos from Fusion Entertainment via NMEA2000;
•    FLIR CAMERAS: with the new v8.01 TZT2 MFDs can be networked with the latest FLIR M300 series and they are compatible with the FLIR M232;
•    DRS2D-NXT: the TZTL12F/15F/2BB v8.01 is compatible with the new Solid State Doppler Radar Sensor DRS2D-NXT.

Fuctions available with TZT2BB only

PBG allows the operator to create custom high-resolution shaded relief charts of the seafloor using their DFF3D.

Bathymetric Generator
The new NavNet MFD TZT2BB v8.01 will be compatible with third party marine applications, which will be controllable via an HTML browser on the TZT2BB.

Price & Availability
The new software version is now available for free! 
•    FOR TZT2BB users can click on https://furuno.it/lang--it--art--TZT2BB--TZT2BB.html then download the new software version in the Download->Software Update section;
•    FOR TZTL12F & TZTL15F users can click on https://furuno.it/lang--it--art--TZTL12F--TZTL12F.html then download the new software version in the Download->Software Update section.

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