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Moon Pool for all divers and weather conditions

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The Moon Pool by Ludovica Tieri
The Moon Pool by Ludovica Tieri

The Moon Pool, project by Ludovica Tieri

Today, diving cannot be freely enjoyed since it is limited by efficiency, effectiveness, as well as safety gaps.


Diving is not possible in case of the unfavorable sea conditions and with rough water when opening the stern is not allowed. In addition, the different steps of the process activity, to get diving from the boats, vessels or yachts, present many difficulties and limits for a lot of people: diving-gear makes movements difficult, equipment is very heavy and the divers, wearing diving gear, have to move from a moving yacht to a moving tender…neither comfortable nor safe at all!                                                                            

And if that is the case for trained people without any physical limitation, then it becomes impossible enjoying diving for those who suffer from temporary or permanent disabilities.

And diving is not only about having fun and having amazing experiences it is also about scientific research and business. All off-shore and research missions are affected by budget constraints and unpredictable timeline due to frequent forced stops. (Currently, the diving activity to maintenance work about offshore structures is stopped in case of 1,5 m high waves).

But limits are always the best opportunity to boost progress and those above described inspired the innovative maritime project Moon Pool For All.

Analyzing all the process(the steps) of the diving activity and focusing on his critical points, constraints and gaps were turned into in a new innovative diving system based on ergonomically parameters, DFA (Design for All) guidelines, emotional design instances and engineering system.


The mechanical system adopted is already used in many maritime solutions, but here it becomes the key to the project in terms of functionality, unleashing new previously unexperienced value.

The ergonomically and DFA guidelines followed to allow the divers to seat on a board of the yacht in a comfortable and safety way to wear diving gear, flipper and the oxygen tanks positioned behind them just like if they were putting a backpack. Once ready to immerse, still comfortably seated, the diver can hold the handler and be gradually brought down to the sea in an easy, quick and safe way up to 3 meters and a half depth. This allows all divers (professional, beginners, old, disabled, tourists..) can leave the handler and freely dive even if on the surface winds shake the sea .

The project is an add on module adaptable to different boats, yachts and special purpose vessels and can bring up to several people at the same time.


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