Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2021: Top 20 revealed

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2021: Top 20 revealed

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2021: Top 20 revealed


10/11/2021 - 15:28

No less than 126 professional photographers representing 24 nations entered the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2021 photo competition. Today we reveal the Top 20. 

The main ranking, the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award, was established by the international jury made up of Jo Aleh (NZL), Gilles Martin-Raget (FRA), Glenn Ashby (AUS), Nicolas Mirabaud (SUI) and Anne-Cécile Turner (FRA). 

The top 20 includes some of the world's most prominent sailing and yacht racing photographers, active all over the world. The overall winner of the 2021 edition is one of them. 

Italy wins the ranking by nations, with five images in the top 20, ahead of France (3 images), New Zealand, the USA and Russia (2 images).

The Public Award ranking, based on the number of votes cast on the Internet (nearly 15,000), is different from the ranking established by the international jury. The votes of the members of the international jury were also quite different from each other, which illustrates the richness of sailing photography and the wide range of emotions and reactions that these photos evoke. 

The Public Award was dominated by France (6 photos), followed by Italy and Great Britain (3 images), Russia and Hungary (2 photos).

Top 20 photographers (in alphabetical order) :

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award

Celi Roberto (ITA)

Chittenden Michael (NZL)

Christol Robin (FRA)

Clarke Dylan (AUS)

Cloutier Stephen (USA)

Ferri Francesco (ITA)

Forster Daniel (SUI)

Gémesi Jóka (HUN)

Hajduk Robert (POL)

Harris  Rod (USA)

Isaenko Valery (RUS)

Melandri Mauro (ITA)

Orsini Martina (ITA)

Pozzetto Loris (ITA)

Schurr Eike (GER)

Sellier Benjamin (FRA)

Semenova Marina (RUS)

Tomlinson James (GBR) 

Venance Loïc (FRA)

Wilson Ricky (NZL)

Public award
Altham Georgiana (GBR)

Bonin Christian (CAN)

Breschi christophe (FRA)

Celi Roberto (ITA)

Champy-McLean Alexander (FRA)

Condy Patrick (FRA)

Contin Pierrick (FRA)

Czepulkowski Rafal (POL)

D'Enquin Jean-Baptiste (FRA)

Donatiello Marco (ITA)

Gémesi Jóka (HUN)

Green Sharon (USA)

Lebec Gauthier (FRA)

Makhanov Anton (RUS)

Sarma Olga (RUS)

Tesei Giovanni (ITA)

Tomlinson James (GBR)

Tomlinson Rick (GBR)

Török Brigi (HUN)

Wilson Ricky (NZL)

Awards ceremony on 9 December at the Nautic

The winners will be celebrated on 9 December at an official ceremony at the Nautic (Paris international boat show), on the OC Sports - Le Télégramme stand from 6:00 pm. Media and marine photographers are cordially invited to this ceremony. The prize money will be distributed to the winners in accordance with the rules, while the prizes in kind will only be given to the photographers present at the ceremony.

The prizes will be presented to the winners by an internationally renowned sailor.

Registration required, thank you in advance

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