© André Carmo

© André Carmo

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award: deadline approaching


21/09/2022 - 10:07

The top twenty images selected by the international jury will be exhibited at World Sailing's annual conference in Abu Dhabi on 22 - 29 October and at the Yacht Racing Forum in Malta on November 21-22.

The conference delegates from both events will be asked to vote for the best sailing image of the year.

Yacht racing photographers from all over the world are cordially invited to the prize-giving ceremony, which will take place during the Yacht Racing Forum gala evening reception on November 21 in Malta in the presence of the main personalities of the international yacht racing community.

The top 80 photos selected by the International Jury will be published on the event website on October 14, allowing the public to vote. Each image will be associated with a description and a presentation of its author.

A new voting system has been developed, which is no longer based on Facebook. This will open up participation to a wider audience and make the competition fairer.
Three prizes will be awarded:

The main prize, Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award, selected by the International Jury.
The Public Award, based on the number of public votes cast on the Internet.
The Delegates Award, based on votes by participants in the World Sailing annual conference and the Yacht Racing Forum. 
The winners of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image will share € 2,000 prize-money. Other gifts will be distributed to the photographers present at the prize giving.

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