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SEASYacht, the innovative solution designed by Seastema

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SEASYacht™ by Seastema, the innovative solution for large yachts
SEASYacht™ by Seastema, the innovative solution for large yachts

SEASYacht™ is an innovative solution that integrates Navigation, Automation and Safety Systems in a common Ethernet infrastructure operated by multifunctional consolles. It has been delivered on two large outstanding Yachts built by some of the main Italian shipyards.


SEASYacht™ has been designed by Seastema with a balanced mixing of technology and design, based on a unique experience on large yachts applications. The integration of advanced navigation and control systems of SEASYacht™ is in strict compliance with the class requirements and international safety standards.

SEASYacht™ modular architecture allows scalable solutions suitable to smaller yachts and based on less strict regulations. Today, Seastema is happy to announce the availability of a new SeasYacht package retailed for Yacht under 500 fts. The key features are all still available within this competitive solution optimized for this segment.

Different instances of the applications can run on different Operator Stations at the same moment with different visualizations, for example two Radar displays can be visualized on two different monitors, with different parameters, based on the information coming from the same radar.

The selected Architecture allows easy cabling and small volumes for bridge consolles installation, resulting in a clean and light design of the wheelhouse. This technology opens the way to new solutions with very light consolles or even consolles-less.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is homogeneous for the different applications and centralized alarm management, according to the IBS reccomandations and rules.

SEASYachtTM can be also provided as fully integrated with Seastema’s SEAS-DPS (Dynamic Positioning) and Joystick Systems or with specific features like Speed Pilot associated with the Autopilot System, for a full guidance control of the vessel.

Seastema is continuously improving the system with new features that will be soon available to customers, such as the consumption management and an innovative system for the mooring assistance.

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