Neel-Trimarans is increasingly well received in the USA

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16/02/2022 - 19:40

Neel-Trimarans Group is a French shipyard, created in 2010, which designs and produces sailing and powered trimarans.

Neel-Trimarans is increasingly well received in the USA, with many boats sold (more than twenty) and others on order (more than ten in 2022). Orders for the USA have accelerated in recent years, with the number of units sold doubling each year: 3 units sold in the USA in 2020, 6 in 2021, 13 in 2022.

All models of both ranges (sailing and motor) are concerned:

Last January, no less than 4 Neel-Trimarans and 1 Leen 56 were loaded onto a cargo ship bound for the USA.

American owners are seduced and convinced by the trimaran concept. More and more of them are sailing on board the Neel-Trimarans (sailing range) and Neel-Trimarans (motor range). They appreciate the innovative, comfortable, seaworthy and safe aspects of these 3-hulled multihulls.

These trimarans are also fast boats that sail well upwind. As proof, two American owners of a Neel 47 and a Neel 51 have recently distinguished themselves by their performances in the Atlantic Rallyes for Cruisers (ARC) for the 2021/2022 season.

The owner of the Neel 51 won the ARC January 2022 in all categories, aboard his newly delivered trimaran just weeks before the start of the rally. The owner of the Neel 47 came first in the ARC Plus in the multihull category.


Neel trimarans have received several awards from the American media:
The Neel 47 was voted BOAT OF THE YEAR by Cruising World in 2020 and multihull of the year by Multihull World.

The neel 51 was voted Best Boat in 2019 by Sail Magazine and Multihull Of The Year in 2018 by Multihull World.

The NEEL 45 was voted BEST BOAT in 2013 by Sail Magazine.

Boat shows

Currently at the Miami International Boat Show, the shipyard's new sailing yacht, the NEEL 43, is exhibited.

Next autumn at the United States Powerbooat Show from the 6th to 9th of October 2022, the LEEN 72 will be presented to the public in a world premiere.

Distribution Network

Neel-Trimarans has 4 dealers in the USA:

Neel-Trimarans Group is very pleased with the enthusiasm of the American market for its
trimarans and congratulates its dealers on the other side of the Atlantic for promoting the brand
and developing the Neel and Leen trimaran market.

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