Bertram Yachts expands production and completes new Bertram 35 in Italy

Bertram Yachts expands production and completes new Bertram 35 in Italy

Bertram Yachts expands production and completes new Bertram 35 in Italy

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By Bertram
02/06/2023 - 11:02

Bertram Yachts, the renowned American boat builder, has extended its production reach worldwide with the assistance of parent company Baglietto Yachts.Bertram's decision is part of a global expansion plan, which enhancesits ability to meet increasingproduct demand and optimize the utilization of resources within a changing economic environment. Bertram will continue ramping up production of current and new models at its facility in Tampa, Florida, and extend its capabilities with its newest site situated at the Baglietto facilities in Carrara, Italy.

Bertram's VP of Sales, Tommy Thompson, has shared that the partnership with their affiliate, Baglietto, has been a valuable addition to Bertram’s production capabilities. "We now have access to resources who have extensive knowledge and experience in boat building, as well as an enormous respect for the Bertram brand,” stated Thompson.

Most recently, the company has launched Hull #27, DRIFTER B, the first of several new Bertram 35 Flybridge boats to be built at the Carrara site. This exciting milestone continuesBertram’s rich history of producing top-quality sportfishing and recreational boats. DRIFTER B’s owner is an experienced yachtsman who recently raced his 98ft Swan in the first regatta of the Mediterranean sailing season in Portofino. DRIFTER B's debut in the picturesque Portofino was a memorable occasion, as the owner's loved ones savored the breathtaking views in luxury and comfort.In addition, the Bertram 35 provided a dependable and agile mode of transportation for weekend trips to the charming Portofino Riviera.

“The client was looking for atimeless, seaworthy vessel that he could customize totake to theregattas and for weekend trips out, and DRIFTER B was built to do just that. You know, I imagine that the scene wasn’t so different as when Dick Bertram sat behind the helm of his Bertram 31 during the 60s and 70s regatta scenes,” said Tommy Thompson.

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