Absolute Yachts, an international Made in Italy success

Absolute Yachts, an international Made in Italy success

Absolute Yachts, an international Made in Italy success


04/05/2018 - 23:38

In the last few months, the Absolute shipyard, located near Piacenza, has received two remarkable acknowledgments in the economic field, which reaffirm once again the success of the company and its solidity. Firstly, UPS together with “Confindustria” and the magazine “L’Imprenditore” have awarded Absolute for being the best exporting SME of the Year. Then, Absolute has been selected among the 500 Italy’s Champions companies in a survey carried out by Italy Post and published in the “Economy” insert of the magazine “Corriere della Sera”.

During the first weeks of 2018, Absolute has received a remarkable acknowledgment. The company has stood out among the candidates at the award “Export2Succeed” as Best Exporting SME of the Year within an initiative launched by UPS together with “L’Imprenditore”, the monthly magazine of “Piccola Industria di Confindustria”: the aim is to promote the internationalization of the SME and the “Made in Italy” products, recognizing the Italian export champions.

The ambitious “Absolute Global Project” has made Absolute a solid global reality of the recreational boating: «The well-known crisis at the end of the 2000s has given rise to our active reaction and our determination to overcome the market difficulties through an ambitious and expensive project. During the six-year period between 2012 and 2017, the company has never moved backwards, considering the workforce, the advertising investments and above all the investments for the ongoing renewal of the products.

All this led to the Global Project, an enterprise that has been involving us in three dimensions: technical, organizational and communicative».

That’s the word of Engineer Cesare Mastroianni, Absolute VP Sales & CCO, to describe the complex and intensive progress made by Absolute to reverse the trend and assert itself in the top Italian brands of the international yachting market. Standard-bearer of the Italian design and taste, Absolute has landed on international shores, exporting its yachts in Europe (46%), in the USA (28%), in Russia and Middle East (13%), in Australia (4%) and Asia (8%) and it is enthusiastically involved in 50 boat shows all over the world.

It is not a coincidence that Absolute has been included in the accurate survey of a financial analysts’ interdisciplinary team of L’Economia – Corriere della Sera and Italy Post, who nominated Absolute among the 500 Italy’s Champions companies that have been able to won the crisis, growing at an exponential rate.

«The secret? The brave act of our shareholders that during the worst period have decided to invest more, instead of implementing conservative strategies» says Mastroianni. But also, and above all, focusing on the training of the employees and relying on the technology. The figures show how the Absolute strategy is a winning one: from 2008 until now, 22 new yacht models have been developed, veering towards a variety of boat that combines comfort, luxury and performance; the average annual growth from 2010 until now is 21,83%, with an yearly production of 80 boats and a sales network including over 30 Dealers all over the world. Such kind of growth has made it possible to establish Absolute of Americas, a subsidiary headquartered in USA, first target market, and to look now also towards Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Absolute route has always been inspired by sound principles, its growth is exponential and for 2019 there are already new ideas, acknowledgments and innovative projects at the horizon, to affirm a unique success.

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