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Mallorca Classic Week: Port Adriano will celebrate the 4th edition

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Mallorca Classic Week 2019
Mallorca Classic Week 2019; da sinistra a destra: Alvaro Middleman, Jonathan Syrett, Peter Spieth, Pablo Valera

- Port Adriano will celebrate the 4th edition of the Mallorca Classic Week with many new and interesting activities for the whole family.
-The 1st “Kettcar Grand Prix de Mallorca” for children will be held.
-September 18-22, 2019


Mallorca Classic Week 2019
Mallorca Classic Week 2019

The Mallorca Classic Week by Port Adriano arrives at its 4th edition this September and consolidates as a classic car event of reference on the island. In addition, in this edition, numerous novelties are prepared so that both spectators and participants can enjoy even more unforgettable days sharing a common passion; the history of our cars. The most outstanding is the participation of the FEVA (Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles) as a collaborator in the Concours d’Elegance.

Concours d’Elegance

One more year, the Mallorca Classic Week will bring together the best classic cars and yachts, an exclusive combination that only Port Adriano is able to accommodate in its magnificent facilities. The prestigious cars already confirmed will show us that luxury does not go out of style.

A maximum of 50 classic cars and 10 vintage yachts will be invited to participate in the prestigious Concours d’Elegance selected by a specialized committee and will compete in 12 categories. Among the participants of previous editions we find more than 11 different nationalities (Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Austria, USA, Mexico, Ireland, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland ...), also in the jury headed by S.A.R. Prince Leopold of Bavaria; what turns the Mallorca Classic Week into an international event of worldwide scope.

Mallorca Classic Week 2019
Mallorca Classic Week 2019

Activities for everybody

After a great welcome barbecue, on Thursday and Friday they are dedicated to discovering Mallorca, with the program "Pleasure Drive". Extraordinary routes so that participants can discover the island and its enchanting landscapes while enjoying the wheel of their classic cars. Can you imagine a better plan?

On Saturday from 11:00, the American Car Club will gather a series of American cars where there will be a very cool atmosphere with dancing, pin-ups, music and food for everyone. On the other hand, there will be an exhibition of the best classic cars in a large exhibition along the harbor. The sophistication and glamour will be appropriated by Port Adriano with the most exclusive Concours d’Elegance held in Spain and where the best environment will be available for attendees and participants to enjoy a playful day full of surprises and interesting shows where cars and classic sailboats are the real stars.

On Sunday morning, however, the engines of classic cars will roar again for the “Mallorca Sightseeing Drive” and “Crime Drive”; a fun gymkhana where participants will have to follow the clues of detective Nick Nickerbocker in different emblematic places of the island under the title "From Russia with love".

Mallorca Classic Week 2019
Mallorca Classic Week 2019

Mallorca Grand Prix

Among the activities that will make its debut this year include the 1st "Kettcar Grand Prix de Mallorca". A pedal car race for children between 6 and 9 years old. The participating cars will be identical to 1969 models, courtesy of the prestigious German brand Kettler. Even 7-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher declared that the Kettler pedal cars are “a moment of freedom on wheels," and "for many of us this was the first step in the world of automobiles."

The selection of participants was made among 100 students from different schools such as the Eurocampus, La Porciúncula, Sant Vicenç de Paül, San Francisco and CEIP Es Pillari and thanks to the inestimable collaboration of Father Pere Ribot. A qualifying race that was held previously to elect two students girls and two students boys per school.

Mallorca Classic Week 2019
Mallorca Classic Week 2019

Sponsors and Collaborators

Among those who make possible the Mallorca Classic Week, we find sponsors and partners such as Mallorca Illes Balears, BMW Group, Motorworld Group, Kettler, Pure Salt, Gardens of Alfabia and Balearia among many other collaborators. New this year, we have the incorporation of the FEVA, Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles.

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