At Milano Design Week 2024, Azimut Yachts brings a boat to the swimming pool of the Bagni Misteriosi

At Milano Design Week 2024, Azimut Yachts brings a boat to the swimming pool of the Bagni Misteriosi

Azimut Yachts at Milano Design Week 2024


16/04/2024 - 08:56

Azimut Yachts participates in Milano Design Week 2024 with an immersive installation curated by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi: a journey within the Bagni Misteriosi del Teatro Franco Parenti which culminates with an imaginative stage on which a yacht moored in the shadow of a large moon invites visitors to rediscover the gentle relationship between man and nature. It testifies that a more sustainable future is here and now.

Mooring by the Moon is an installation curated by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi for Azimut Yachts in the setting of the Bagni Misteriosi del Teatro Franco Parenti. Architectural textures and structures are transformed into the scenographic elements of a large stage, on which an imaginative journey of beauty and technology reveals to the visitor - the protagonist - the new era inaugurated by Azimut for a gentle relationship between humans and the environment.

The Path. Once through the historic entrance of the Palazzina dei Bagni Misteriosi, the visitor is welcomed by a suspended atmosphere, in which the elements of the rooms dialogue with the installations to evoke the wonder of the natural world.

Images, sounds and scents evoke a dreamlike sea, which is discovered through the labyrinth of doors of the old changing rooms in the first room. Large sculptures, shells made with the innovative materials introduced by Azimut – discarded and regenerated fishing nets, recycled plastic (PET) and carbon – stand out like theatrical wings in the second room while, continuing the game of theatrical make-believe, the visitor climbs aboard the Seadeck 6 in a space where furnishings and materials are used to recreate the internal environment of the vessel, designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez.

The big moon. The route culminates outside, offering a view from a terrace suspended over the water of a landscape in which Seadeck 6 is moored, the embodiment of the route traced by Azimut to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. The yacht, in fact, offers a reduction in emissions of up to 40% in an average year of use. Mirrored shingles in shiny galvanized steel form a large disk inspired by the moon, whose play of reflections emphasizes the dynamic effect of the pattern of light, evoking the lunar glow.

The difference can and must be made here and now. Not with distant promises of a world to come or with a superficial approach to the topic of environmental sustainability. The boat in the swimming pool of the Bagni Misteriosi is the emblem of our commitment: concrete, measurable and always present," explains Giovanna Vitelli, Chair of Azimut|Benetti Group.

«The purpose of this installation is to involve visitors in the theater of life and arouse the imagination, without which we would be just animals and nothing more. It is only with our imagination that we can see a brighter future on the horizon, much more harmonious than today's present,” says Michele De Lucchi, Founder of AMDL CIRCLE.

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