Barcolana Sea Summit

6-9 october: the Barcolana Sea Summit program is online


20/09/2021 - 09:27

Trieste, September 18th 2021 – Today, Saturday September 18th, the complete program of the Barcolana Sea Summit has been published and the free registrations to participate in the event in person have been opened.

Barcolana Sea Summit, program online and free  registrations are open – From this morning the full program of the Barcolana Sea Summit, the big conference - on sustainability and regeneration of the sea and the aquatic ecosystems - that will take place in Trieste during the Barcolana, from the 6th to the 9th of October, will be online. The event, held in the new TCC – the Trieste Convention Center – includes three days of meetings, for a total of eight sessions: each session deals with a topic related to the health of the Mediterranean. Presented with an informative and appealing style, the event wants to provide the opportunity for institutions, industries, ports, science, environmental associations to meet, not only by emphasizing the urgency to act in order to protect the Mediterranean, but also by highlighting the positive activities already initiated by numerous enlightened companies.

"Barcolana sea summit is a unique occasion - said Mitja Gialuz, chairman of Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano - to reflect on the health of the Mediterranean Sea and the new archetypes of sustainability, together with academics, entrepreneurs and representatives of government Institutions: the aim is to start a concrete dialogue that leads to commitments that will guarantee a better future for our sea".

The program is online starting from today, at the following website: and it is also possible to reserve one's place to participate in person in the event. To begin with there will be 140 seats available for each session. Participating at the event will be: Ministers Roberto Cingolani and Stefano Patuanelli, the Hon. Alessia Rotta, Chairwoman of the Environment Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the chairman of ISPRA Stefano Laporta, Francesca Santoro of UNESCO – Ocean Literacy Project, Mary Anne Ocampo of the Boston MIT, the General Director of the Mite Laura D'Aprile. The event will be attended also by the ministers and the representatives of the Countries that are part of the CEI - Central European Initiative, the regional intergovernmental forum that organizes, as part of the BSS, "Water without borders", Summit among CEI Countries.

The voice of companies will be authoritative: speeches are scheduled for the Chief Executive Officers of Coop Italia, Siram Veolia, Gruppo Hera, Acqua Latina, DFDS, Gruppo Davines, the Chairman of Generali, and those responsible for the sustainability of Unicredit, Gruppo Hera, Generali, Snam, MSC Cargo. On the environmental front, there will be speeches by Donatella Bianchi (WWF Italia), Rosalba Giugni (chairman Marevivo); for the Foundations there will be Andrea Illy, in his role as Co-chair of Regenerative Society Foundation and Chairman of illycaffè; and Edo Ronchi erstwhile Minister of the Environment and Chairman of the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile. Trieste will be strongly represented by the OGS scientists, numerous professors of the Università di Trieste, while the cities at the centre of attention will be Trieste and Genova, with their respective mayors, rectors and chairmen of the Port Authorities. The coast guard will be represented by the Rear Admiral Vincenzo Vitale and the Commander General Admiral Inspector Nicola Carlone, in Trieste.

Regarding the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the Summit has the support of the Department of the Environment – which has included the event in the progress of developing an institutional framework agreement among the Countries of Mitteleuropa for the protection of the environment – and operates in synergy with the Department of Employment as part of the Barcolana JOB orientation project. On the innovation front, there will also be a series of Startups involved as part of the UniCredit Start Lab project.

Barcolana Sea Summit: WHY ATTEND? - The state of the Mediterranean; the role of science diplomacy in supporting innovative and integrated policies for the protection of the sea; the nautical circular economy; the future of Port-Cities with a view to the ecological transition thanks to the economic impetus of the Recovery Plan; the key role of Trieste in international relations with Mitteleuropa and the InCE Countries; and, on an environmental front also, the central role of companies in implementing sustainability policies: such are the topics for the Barcolana Sea Summit, an event of scientific dissemination and in-depth political, economic and social study dedicated to the sustainability of the sea and aquatic eco-systems, organized for its first edition as part of the Barcolana, to be held from the 6th to the 9th of October 2021, in Trieste.

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