Amazing end of the year at Sealence

The Italian startup Sealence announces exceptional results


08/01/2022 - 16:32

The Italian startup announces exceptional results, however obtained in a difficult year like the one that is ending and in full resurgence of the pandemic.
The recent recruitment campaigns have led the team to exceed 35 resources - as many positions are still open – the economic and financial estimates contained in the 2021- 2026 industrial plan have been fully respected and the company announces that its order backlog already covers 40% of the entire 2022 budget.
Among the many posts from shipyards and shipping companies that entrust the propulsion of their boats to DeepSpeed electric jets, echoes the recent press release from FPT Industrial (Iveco Group) that announces its presence at CES in Las Vegas,
bringing two of its most successful best-cases, an electrified axle born from the jv with the american Nikola Motors and the naval propulsion of the future, in collaboration with Sealence.

Amazing end of the year at Sealence
Amazing end of the year at Sealence

The next challenges reported by the CEO William Gobbo will now concern the internationalization, already underway with the opening of the Sealence branches in Silicon Beach (USA) and Shanghai (CHINA), and the transition from startup to industry, which will also take place through acquisition/hiring processes which has already started.
In an interview with a well-known newspaper William Gobbo declared that he wanted to "seize opportunities for growth through external lines, through the acquisition of
companies with high specialized skills or high technological content", consistently with the vision of Italy as a source of a lot of innovation but affected by a financial
environment unable to select and push the most deserving initiatives and lead them to compete on the global scenario.

Amazing end of the year at Sealence
Amazing end of the year at Sealence

"Sealence has the strength and credibility to aggregate these companies, enhancing them and concentrating them on the development of the most incredible, cleanest and most advanced naval propulsion ever. We are taking navigation to a new and cleaner evolutionary level and here the real talents are able to express themselves and make a difference in this".
To support that vision, the startup has announced an investment plan of over 50 million euros in the next few years, partly supported through the issue of a new SAFE financing at the beginning of 2022 – the previous one sold-out in just 4 days from the placement - and two millionaire crowdfunding campaigns also completed in record time.
In all this ferment of initiatives, the startup also announced that its traveling laboratory boat SEALab 2 - which could be tested at the last Genoa Boat Show in September -
reached 40 knots using less than 80% of the jet's power during one of the last scheduled tests. Amateur videos have been circulating online for a few days.

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