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World Sailing invites parties to tender for a new digital platform

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 World Sailing invites parties to tender for a new digital platform
World Sailing invites parties to tender for a new digital platform

Over the last 24-months, World Sailing has been on a journey of change, aspiring to stand out in a crowded marketplace of sport and entertainment and inspiring people of all nationalities, ages and backgrounds to become part of the global sailing community.


As part of this period of change, World Sailing needs a world-class digital platform that matches the positioning of World Sailing and informs, engages and inspires millions more people to fall in love with the sport.

World Sailing is therefore inviting interested parties to tender for the design and delivery of a new digital platform.

Parties are invited to submit a proposal for all, one, or a combination of the defined lots:

    - Lot 1: A new World Sailing website
    - Lot 2: A new core database and 'CRM' tool
    - Lot 3: A new document management system

The World Sailing digital platform will need to deliver against a diverse set of needs that includes:

    - Robust, technical architecture that is geared to the future;
    - Fully responsive platform with a clear focus on user experience;
    - Content management system that allows World Sailing to administer and manage content easily;
    - Toolset to administer key processes that minimises execution time, scope for inaccuracy and allows information to flow freely between World Sailing (WS) and their stakeholders;
    - Communicates a clear, consistent and compelling brand proposition for World Sailing, to better engage diverse stakeholders with the activities of World Sailing and the sport globally;
    - Presents information in an easy to navigate and concise way;
    - Benchmarks against best-in-class standards set by other high-performance sports;
    - Achieves cut-through and extend reach beyond our current fan base, and back up activity with effective SEO;
    - Responds to the changing content consumption landscape and exploits social and digital opportunities, deriving optimal value and impact from our activities and those of our stakeholders to bring the thrill and spectacle of the sport to more and more people through dynamic content presented in the right way;
    - Effectively harness and present data to create insight-driven content that better engage audiences;
    - Focus on storytelling narrative and the building of sporting heroes, to engage and excite sailing fans and the public.

Parties interested in bidding are requested to contact World Sailing by 17:00 on Friday 15 December if they wish to bid for all, one, or a combination of the defined lots.

Alongside an expression of interest to bid, parties are requested to provide previous experience or case studies of providing solutions within the sports industry, providing Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Automation and Business Process Management Solutions as well as integrating applications using web services architecture.

Previous clients who World Sailing can contact or websites that can be referenced are also requested.

Selected bidders will receive the full tender document on Monday 18 December 2017 with proposals to be delivered no later than 17:00 on Monday 22 January 2018.

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