Federazione del Mare: signed the MEDBAN MOU in Rome

Federazione del Mare: signed the MEDBAN MOU in Rome

Federazione del Mare: signed the MEDBAN MOU in Rome


07/07/2022 - 17:07

On 6 July in Rome at the headquarters of the Federazione del Mare (Italian Maritime Cluster), the MEDBAN MOU project was officially signed by the European maritime cluster partners.

In 2021, the maritime clusters of France (Pôle Mer Méditerranée), Greece (Strategic ITC Cluster), Italy (Cluster Big and Federation of the Sea), Portugal (Forum Oceano), Spain (Cluster Marítimo de las Illes Balears), participated in the COSME call "Euroclusters" and, in that location, the project was presented Mediterranean Blue Accelerator Network- MED BAN.

Selected and co-financed by the European Commission, MED BAN aims to promote a new industrial strategy for Europe towards an increasingly sustainable and digital economic model. The aim of the project is to improve the competitiveness of the ecosystem of European SMEs linked to the Economy of the Sea with an action coordinated by the sector clusters aimed at identifying and implementing a qualified technical consultancy activity on specific innovative issues with the aim of developing a strategic partnership (Eurocluster) in the long term that it can offer companies consulting and technical support services increasingly oriented towards the green and digital transition.

The MedBAN main goal is to launch the 6 building blocks that will be the foundation of a dynamic acceleration services platform, based on blue clusters, for catalysing Mediterranean coastal regions and ports to function as an open innovation networked ecosystem of blue economy hubs, based on smart and green infrastructures, in deep connection with Mediterranean Northern and Southern countries, thus diversifying their business model, employment creation, economic development and revenue sources.

In particular, the agreement provides for the following objectives for the partners:

Establish a network between Mediterranean clusters and other entities that work within the field of the Blue Economy (including, but not limited to, ports, maritime transport and logistics, shipbuilding and servicing, fisheries and aquaculture, offshore energy, coastal tourism, blue biotechnology, marine finance and investment, etc.).

Develop a blue acceleration scheme for clusters to stimulate innovative business using the field of blue economy as blue business hubs, based on an innovation ecosystem to foster a sustainable blue economy in line with the European Green Deal.

Promote the principles and tools needed by cluster members to align their work and develop their business in line with the principles of sustainable development, SDGs and ESG approaches.

Promote equal opportunities to achieve true sustainable and inclusive development, incorporating 52% of female talent currently represented below the 40% set by the EU.

Promote fundamental sustainable blue economy methods and practices, including marine spatial planning (MSP) and integrated coastal zone management, and the law of the sea as defined by the United Nations.

Catapult the development and acceleration of the blue economy as a central dimension of the ecosystem of city-port relations within the framework of smart port policy.

Attending the signing ceremony were Laurence Martin, Secretary General of Federazione del Mare, Monica Bellisario and Massimo Gerli, representing the Italian Government Presidency of the Council of Ministers, economic attachés from the Embassies of Spain and Portugal in Italy, CV (CP) Claudio Manganiello, Chief of Internation Affairs Dept of, GCorps of the Port Captaincies – Coast Guard), Leonardo Manzari, of West Med, Fabrizio Monticelli, CEO ForMare – Polo Nazionale per lo Shipping, Andrea Piantini, General Manager Assonave. Luca Sisto, General Manager Confitarma, Cristiana Pagni, President SeaFuture.

The MEDBAN MOU have been signed:
-for Italy, Mario Mattioli, President of the Federation of the Sea, and Giovanni Caprino, President of the Cluster BIG (National Technological Cluster "Blue Italian Growth"),
-for Portugal, Ruben Eiras, Portugal (Forum Oceano),
-for France, Christophe Avellan, Director Pôle Mer Méditerranée,
-for Greece, Gregory Yovanof (Strategic ITC Cluster),
-for Spain, Yolanda Piedra, President of the Cluster Marítimo de las Illes Balears

All the partners expressed the desire to deepen relations between countries and with the industrial actors of the blue economy.

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