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Videoworks behind the scenes of CRN 74m Cloud9 onboard systems

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Videoworks behind the scenes of CRN 74m Cloud9 onboard systems
Videoworks behind the scenes of CRN 74m Cloud9 onboard systems

Among the ten superyachts on display at the last 2017 Monaco Yacht Show equipped with Videoworks entertainment systems, the one on board the 74m CRN M/Y Cloud9 was probably the most interesting vessel introduced during the last show, impressing the audience for the high level of customization and easy-to-use approach of its audio/video, home automation, entertainment, lighting and IT equipment.


Nowadays, having an onboard domotic, audio/video and IT system represents one of the superyacht owners’ and guests’ main requests. Watching a soccer game on a large high-resolution monitor, listening to great music thanks to speakers that can guarantee a high-fidelity sound, having a party, controlling lights and curtains, managing multimedia contents and temperature and being able to safely and reliably surf the internet have all become must-haves of modern system integration.

The challenge launched by CRN shipyard and designers was to have very good sound quality and pressure without impacting the installation. CRN and Videoworks came up with the solution: using the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 multi-ducers.

This high-tech and unique product can be embedded onto a various range of materials, as it allows large surfaces to act as a speaker, making the surface vibrate and creating a smooth 3D audio effect. The know-how of Videoworks has been crucial in selecting the proper DSP audio processor, capable of equalizing the sound according to the surface on which the speakers are placed. Hence, in Cloud9, four units of SSP6 were connected to aluminum surfaces of the port and starboard side furniture of the pool, creating a good listening area with no aesthetical impact.

The Cloud9 pool has LUTRON RGB lights that may be controlled with an iPad, as, of course, with all of the home automation, audio/visual and entertainment systems. The model of the two pool lights is SEA VISION SV14 LED, controlled by a complete LUTRON system installed and integrated by Videoworks.

Videoworks also developed a well designed external cinema with video projector, cloth and 5+1 speakers in the aft’s Owner's deck external cockpit and a cinema area in the main deck salon with a 120’’ Stuart screen and a 4K video projector. Here are a few details:

Stewart Cloth Motorized Screen: A retractable screen fortified for the outdoors and yachts. It won’t ripple or flap in windy or wavy conditions and is positioned in the aft’s Owner's deck external cockpit.

Panasonic PT-DZ13KE projector for the cloth: High brightness (12.000lm), picture quality (1920x1200 resolution) and reliability (12.000 hours) in a compact body. This is positioned in the aft’s Owner's deck external cockpit.

5 Speakers 5.1 B&W CCM 683: The CCM683 features a 200mm (8in) Kevlar® cone bass/midrange driver and a Nautilus swirl-loaded aluminum dome tweeter that pivots for adjustable off-axis treble response. Positioned in the aft’s Owner's deck external cockpit.

1 Sub Sunfire HRS-12: The HRS-12 delivers output equal to the performance of most available 15’ subwoofers and does so with an unmatched finesse. The HRS-12 is ideal for larger rooms and dedicated home theater environments where the emphasis is on movies. Positioned the aft’s Owner's deck external cockpit.

Again, Stewart cloth Motorized Screen 120’: Positioned in the cinema area in the main deck salon.

4k Sony VPL-VW520 projector: A projector with 1800 lumens brightness, 300,000:1 contrast, HDR compatibility and premium white finish. Positioned in the cinema area in the main deck salon.

For music and movies, there is a complete implementation of Apple iTunes features for Apple TVs and iphone/ipads


This is a professional network with security systems, bandwidth management and server farm which Videoworks can control 24h by remote, if requested by the Owner.
Kerio Control. The totally virtualized KERIO CONTROL: The Firewall and Anti-Virus solution that allows the client to manage the bandwidth speed and consumption and protects the onboard systems from viruses and intrusions. Positioned inside the main rack 4 (IT) that is in the upper deck MEC area.

To respond immediately to the owners’ and guests’ requests, Videoworks provided all of the iPads with a Staff Call system and stand-alone buttons which alert the crew, both on a synoptic based in the crew mess and on UHFs.

Maurizio Minossi, co-founder at Videoworks, talks about the collaboration with CRN: “Although the M/Y Cloud9 system is complex and very extensive, the two key-points to keep it coherent and usable were, since the beginning of this challenge, having clear specs, Owner side interface with SmartTM (Technology consultant) and the budget to design and install a professional wired and wireless Cisco network (Kerio Control)”.

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