ISA UV II is every audiophile's dream thanks to the audio system by Videoworks

ISA UV II is every audiophile's dream thanks to the audio system by Videoworks

ISA UV II is every audiophile's dream thanks to the audio system by Videoworks


06/12/2023 - 11:26

Be it an exclusive party, listening on one’s own to a piece of music in stereo or watching a film in surround sound, there is no compromising for the owner of the ISA 45m MY UV II, who wants the best of the best of quality and audio power. This was precisely the request made to Videoworks, which, in keeping with its established tradition, responded to these demands in the best possible way. After all, the company’s over 25 years of experience and the installation of hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and lighting & comfort systems on board superyachts sailing all over the world are the best guarantee of its ability to respond to the most demanding requirements of ship owners and shipping companies, and not just by implementing the latest on-board connectivity technologies in the entertainment field.

Internet connection was also important: the 5G Peplink dual modem and Starlink antenna will allow owner and guests to chat and stream a movie in the middle of the ocean as if they were at home, or hold a video conference as if in the office.

At the heart of it all is the audio/video system, with K-Array speakers (known for its very high quality of sound) mounted throughout all the vessel and powered by a total of 20,000 watts, although they are normally used at about 40 per cent of their power. However, when the situation calls for it, there is a “Party Mode” on the sundeck, an upgrade with an input for the DJ console and an extra output for additional amplified speakers, for further enhancing the sound impact. The “Party Mode” function also makes it possible to select a source and play it in every area of the yacht, both outdoors and indoors, obviously with the possibility of selecting the area and of choosing different sources, and thus having customised music and volumes depending on where they are played. 

Everything is controlled from a device (iPhone or iPad), and is managed by audio processors that use Symetrix's Dante technology for the stereo zones, while Extron products are used where a surround sound processor is required, specifically in the main hall and owner lounge. The enjoyment of HDMI 4K video over IP 1Gbps is guaranteed by ZeeVee devices.

Amplification is fully digital Class D with Powersoft devices; in the owner lounge there is the option to switch, via the control iPad, from surround sound configuration for watching films to hifi stereo for listening to music.

But the really special feature of this installation by Videoworks is the space created between the owner's suite and the main hall, which resembles a large corridor when the thick soundproof doors are open. But when the doors are closed, it can be readily transformed into an exclusive room, a sort of completely soundproofed safe space for melomaniacs. An independent multimedia room is set up here, where the owner can indulge, in complete privacy and at all hours of the day and night, in listening to their favourite music at the volume that suits them best, without disturbing the other guests on board - all thanks to a top-notch 5.1 surround system, with five speakers and a subwoofer, suitable for a professional recording studio, and without forgetting a large TV screen.

ISA UV II is the Australian owner's third megayacht and has thus been modelled on their previous experiences. The Yacht along with the 20 underwater lights, at night is brightly lit up in violet, but you can choose any colour by selecting it from the iPad thanks to the ItwModeX app developed by Videoworks. The interiors, designed by Luca Dini, are characterised by a sober style with backlit wall panels, televisions camouflaged as mirrors and textured panel ceilings.

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