HP Watermakers at the 30th Dubai International Boat Show 2024

HP Watermakers at the 30th Dubai International Boat Show 2024

HP Watermakers at the 30th Dubai International Boat Show 2024


20/02/2024 - 14:30

Thirty editions of the Dubai International Boat Show, with HP Watermakers attending twenty-five of them: this clearly explains how important the Middle Eastern market is considered by the Italian company, which is also very aware that the appeal of DIBS 2024 goes far beyond the borders of the United Arab Emirates.

“Dubai has been a unique international hub for several years now,” explains Gianni Zucco, Co-Founder of HP Watermakers. “There are daily intercontinental flights to Los Angeles or Auckland, which is to say that wherever you are in the world, getting to Dubai is fast and easy, and almost all nautical operators are happy to make the journey. Many major shipyards, starting with the local leader, Gulf Craft (with the Majesty and Nomad brands), view organising their dealer meetings in a coveted destination such as Dubai as an excellent business opportunity, which further increases the parterre of professional visitors. Two more things should be added: the surrounding area is a desert and an important part of HP Watermakers' business is also related to desalination plants for tourist resorts and residential developments. These are all very good reasons that explain why we have been very loyal to this boat show since the first real estate settlements were advertised on the stands.”

Long considered the most important nautical exhibition in the eastern world, DIBS is also appreciated for its perfect organisation and the countless contact opportunities it offers participants in the most varied sectors of the nautical industry. It is therefore no coincidence that HP Watermakers has been running its own branch in Dubai for four years - all their resources will obviously be operational alongside the Italian management during the days of the event.

The selection of models on display could actually be quite a surprise. The two most compact desalination plants in the broad HP Watermakers range will be displayed and Gianni Zucco himself selected them. “Unlike the European market, where medium-small boats are struggling while large yachts are not affected by the crisis, in this part of the world we have a thriving market, especially for the first category, which is why we decided to exhibit the two desalination units of the SCA series: the new HP SCA100 Kilo and the HP SCA220,” he explains.

The SCA series desalinators are extremely versatile and are suitable not only for boats of all types, but also for homes and resorts. All are set up for complete automation, thanks to the compatibility with RP Tronic to create the new concept of desalinator as a start&stop household appliance. HP SCA100 Kilo is the smallest unit in the SCA series. It can produce 100 l/h using only 1 kW, while HP SCA220 is the most compact in the 200 l/h category on the entire market.

The 30th Dubai International Boat Show is scheduled for 28 February to 3 March 2024 in Dubai Harbour; HP Watermakers will be present in stand ESS-36.

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