The HP Watermakers on board the Invictus TT420 Special Edition Vogue White

The HP Watermakers on board the Invictus TT420 Special Edition Vogue White

The HP Watermakers on board the Invictus TT420 Special Edition Vogue White


09/05/2024 - 11:04

The usage habits of mid-sized boats are undergoing an unprecedented transformation. The growing preference for short sea excursions, rather than long cruises, has become an increasingly widespread reality. This trend, evident in recent years, is now consolidating driven by the enthusiasm for versatile boats like the Invictus TT420 in its special Vogue White edition, unveiled at the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival. This elegant cruiser exudes personality, offering an onboard experience that adapts to every desire and need.

Invictus TT420, where design and practicality merge beautifully
The taste and creativity of designer Christian Grande have come together in this boat that undoubtedly does not go unnoticed in any marina where it is moored. Taut and essential lines characterize this 42-footer: not only is every element meticulously designed but the layout of the deck and interiors also enhance the comfort and versatility of this 12-meter yacht. The outdoor spaces are dedicated to onboard relaxation and conviviality, with a large sunbathing area convertible into a chaise lounge at the bow and a spacious swim platform at the stern.

HP Watermakers on the Invictus TT420 Vogue White
Even for boats primarily used during the day, integrating a watermaker on board significantly enhances its versatility. In fact, it can serve as a pivotal system, alongside the power generator, in expanding the boat's capabilities.  Picture a day spent at sea, originally planned for just a few hours. But as you drop anchor in a quiet cove, blessed with perfect weather and no weekend obligations, the allure of staying out on the water grows irresistible. Yet, practical considerations come into play: the levels of water and power reserves must be factored in. It's in these moments that the significance of those two essential accessories becomes abundantly clear, enabling the realization of your unplanned adventure.

HP Watermakers ideal for a 42-footer
HP Watermakers' SCA series are extremely versatile compared to larger ranges, without compromise, making them the ideal solution for a range of boats from 12 to 50 meters.
“The components are consistently high-quality but assembled in a compact configuration,” recalls Gianni Zucco, co-founder of HP Watermakers. "As a result, they are easy to install and capable of guaranteeing freshwater production from 100 to 500 l/h. Likewise, the weights are compact: for example, the HP SCA100 Kilo, the smallest unit in the SCA series, weighs only 60 kilograms and is capable of producing 100 l/h with a consumption of only 1 kW."
All are prepared for complete automation thanks to the compatibility with RP Tronic, HP Watermakers' patent, which essentially turns the watermaker into a normal household appliance. In fact, it is the sole automation system for watermaker that prevents the owner from the need to venture into the engine room for adjustments, as it operates automatically. The constant pressure, essential for proper desalination and which varies depending on the salinity and temperature of the seawater, will no longer be a problem.
The Part-NET interface by HP Watermakers takes care of completing the total automation of the desalinator management, compatible with the onboard systems of brands such as Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, B&G, and Lowrance. Part-NET allows the user to control the entire desalination system - including pressure and all other operating parameters - from the chart plotter on the dashboard, or even from a smartphone when an internet connection is available.

Which model is installed on the Invictus TT420?
"As confirmation that even a 12-meter boat can install a watermaker without compromising weight distribution and trim, the Invictus TT420 has adopted a slightly larger model than the entry-level HP SCA 120-1 RP TRONIC AMCS Part-NET capable of producing 120 l/h of freshwater," emphasizes Gianni Zucco. "HP Watermakers SCA 120 has an overall size of 840 mm width, 455 m depth by 420 mm height and weighs only 65 kg with an hourly consumption of 2.2 kW. It can also find space in a small engine room and easily installed on those models, increasingly numerous, with an outboard motorization that frees up ample space in the engine compartments converted into large lockers.”
"But it's not just a matter of size and weight," concludes Gianni Zucco. "The exclusive feature of our watermakers is that they can be managed like a normal household appliance, and this is the fundamental difference compared to our competitors. Not only compact and lightweight but also easy to use like an air conditioning system, for example.
"As a shipyard, we aim to guarantee our owners the best comfort  on board, and watermakers are a fundamental accessory to achieve this goal," says Rosario Alcaro of Cantieri Aschenez. "The collaboration with HP Watermakers becomes therefore a unique opportunity for the boats of the Invictus Yacht range. Now, even models that were previously unable to accommodate this essential accessory due to their dimensions can benefit.”

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