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Having the time of our lives!

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Having the time of our lives !
Having the time of our lives !

"Sim senhor, that's what we want with our whole Family and nothing less. Having the time of our lives on board. But take care as we have a big family and they all love being on board at the same time" the South American Owner expresses clearly what yachting for him and his family is all about. "We want to get maximum value out of our family real estate on board." 


She is the perfect starting point for the multi year design development agreement between MCP, the biggest South American custom yacht builder, and Dutch Studio Vripack signed earlier this year. 

"Creating maximum space value on a 120'er required a creative approach to space planning" says Bart Bouwhuis, creative director at Vripack. "A very energetic co-creation process between Owner, MCP and our team lead to a perfectly sensible yet highly unconventional layout. Her main deck contains two guest cabins in addition to the Owner's stateroom. Two additional VIP rooms are located on the lower deck and the upper deck is fully dedicated for the family with a forward facing observation lounge including an a-symmetrical balcony for private family moments. The skylounge has gulwing lookouts allowing for a forward facing view adjacent to the connection to the large sheltered aft deck. And all this neatly separated from the crew so they can perform to their best abilities as well."

"We are known for our high-quality aluminum semi-planing yachts" Manoel Chaves president and CEO of MCP explains. "Vripack designed a new hull which allows for very high level of comfort even in rougher weather while maintaining her semi-planing characteristics. This will give the family a long reach of sailing destination within a shorter time while they all enjoy wonderful valuable family moments on board.

The result of this design identifies clearly why I wanted Vripack to work creatively, side by side with us, for at least the next seven or seventy times seven years. Their Award winning Holistic team of 80 with over 7300 ships under their belt since 1961 and a hawk eye focus on their Better Boats in Less Time pledge makes them a highly capable addition to our own skilled team" concludes Chaves.

"For our Studio, it is unique that we've been contracted for such a long period to design custom projects without knowing which ones it will be" continues Bouwhuis. "This goes way beyond one project so it pushes us to deeply analyze what the future holds. Something we have set up our VriThink platform for back in 2012. We're proud, a bit nervous and very confident this will lead to better yachts for the MCP clients in even less time than today."

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