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The new model Neel 43 continues to amaze and to innovate

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02/07/2020 - 13:04

The NEEL 43 continues to amaze and to innovate, marrying an elegant and striking design with impressive interior volumes, housed within reduced exterior dimensions. This model boasts all the features that have made its range of predecessors so successful... a trimaran that is both fast and safe, comfortably accommodating up to 10 passengers, yet easily
manoeuvrable by a small crew. Its handling at sea, coupled with its performance and comfort levels are outstanding. When it comes to living space, the NEEL 43 is bold and  innovative. The sophisticated and refined design of the vast interior and exterior living area ensures a breathtaking panoramic view.

Neel 43
Neel 43


The NEEL 43 is equally innovative in its use of materials. The structural elements of the NEEL 43 mirror the techniques and materials used in the other models of the range: a vacuum-infused composite sandwich, with carbon fibre reinforcement. An important feature of NEEL-TRIMARANS is the exclusive use of PVC and PET foams in the sandwich core, as opposed to other multihull manufacturers who use Balsa which, although cheaper, is far more susceptible to water infiltration, thereby affecting the quality of the sandwich core. Resins and gelcoats have also been improved with a view to limiting styrene emissions. NEEL-TRIMARANS has confirmed its determined commitment to respecting the environment, with a marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials.

NEEL-TRIMARANS has once again entrusted Lombard naval architects with the design of the NEEL 43, following on from the NEEL 47. The hulls of NEEL trimarans combine a central 'rockered' hull, which facilitates tacking and manoeuvring when in port, with streamlined floats that provide stability and prevent pitching.

The hulls of the NEEL 43 have been designed for speed, with the aim of achieving podium finishes in ocean races and regattas. For this reason, weight reduction was of paramount
importance. However, the design of the hulls for the NEEL 43 also had to consider the load on long distance voyages. The load capacity of the NEEL 43 is 3 tons.

Neel 43
Neel 43

A major attribute of NEEL trimarans is the feeling at the helm, which is unrivalled. The finesse of the steering is obtained by a single rudder controlled by Vectran lines on ball bearing blocks, with the rudder stock mounted on self-aligning bearings. A slight heel contributes to the feel at the helm and allows the windward float to ‘fly’ over the waves.

The sail plan comprises a mainsail and a roller furling jib. The asymmetrical spinnaker makes it easier to sail comfortably windward. All manoeuvres lead back to the helm, from where the helmsman has a 360° view.

The NEEL 43 features the renowned Cockloon , an impressive interior/exterior living space made possible by the wide opening between the cockpit and the saloon. It also
incorporates the Full Beam Cockpit, an extra-wide cockpit with multiple seating configurations that can be rearranged to take full advantage of the different vistas. The helm station is especially ergonomic, offering a triple seat shaded by a sun awning fixed on stainless steel tubes. Its access, from the cockpit via side steps or from the deck, ensures seamless communication between the skipper and the crew.

The roof is reached by an integrated step on the side, rendering the mast, boom and sun-lounging area easily accessible. Around this area, a secure handrail has been incorporated for safe movement aboard. The wide, well-protected stern skirts make it easier to access the sea and manoeuvre the dinghy. In addition, the system for lifting and handling the dinghy has been greatly simplified.


Neel 43
Neel 43

The NEEL-TRIMARANS design office, inspired by experiences of life on board during long-distance voyages, has conceived a new style of interior design, incorporatingcontemporary materials that are both lightweight and functional. The saloon can be configurated in a variety of ways, allowing intimate spaces to be created depending on the time of the day and personal desires, and yet will always offer a panoramic view and exceptional luminosity.

The distribution of volumes, flow of movement and luminosity make this new interior a truly unique living space. The modular design of the NEEL 43 is astonishing. There are two double cabins, and the configuration of the saloon can be rearranged to accommodate up to 10 people on board.

Neel 43
Neel 43

The master stateroom is on the main deck, a constant feature of NEEL-TRIMARANS, offering invaluable privacy and a breathtaking panoramic view. Also located on the same level is the bathroom, which is equipped with a rinse basin and closet. The double cabin at the front of the central hull is accessible from the saloon. The rest of the saloon, with its kitchen and chart table, is an entirely open-plan and highly ergonomic living space, and the main seating can be converted into a double bed. In addition, a partially-segregated double berth resting area makes it possible to take part in life on board whilst relaxing comfortably, without getting in the way of the rest of the crew. It is also an ideal place for children to take a nap, where a watchful eye can be kept on them. Finally, at the front end of the floats, accessible from the main deck, there are two single berths, which further increase the sleeping capacity of the boat.


Neel 43
Neel 43

Overall length 42,70 ft
Overall width 24,60 ft
Draught 4,5 ft
Air draft 62 ft
Displacement 9 T
Full battens mainsail 630 sq ft
Furling solent 466 sq ft
Water 132 US Gallons
Fuel 80 US Gallons
Engine Diesel Sail drive 50HP
Ship designers Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group



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