Icon Yachts project UFO unveiled at the MYS

Icon Yachts project UFO unveiled at the MYS

Icon Yachts project UFO unveiled at the MYS


28/09/2022 - 18:01

Project UFO started exactly one year ago at the Monaco Yacht Show where, during a brainstorming session between ICON and the Client, we started to discuss the option of a conversion, evaluating its pros and cons and potentials to suit the ideas of exploring the globe on a special yacht. Inspired and impressed by the Espen Oeino designed Project MASTER that ICON Yachts had the pleasure of unveiling at last year’s MYS, it was quickly concluded that a conversion was ideally suited to the Client and his family's vision - a true WOW Explorer, fully equipped with tenders, features and amenities for this purpose.

Aim of this Project is the conversion of a commercial vessel into a long-range luxury Family Explorer for extended round the world voyages with the possibility for charter operation. Therefore, on behalf of the Client, ICON Yachts was commissioned to perform a global scan of the commercial shipping fleets to search and identify a suitable Platform Vessel that would suit the Client’s preferences and requirements.

ICON identified several potentially-suitable Platform Vessels in the size range of 60-75m which were then filtered down against a very specific set of requirements to be assessed in more detail for the conversion. After careful consideration and detailed liaison with the Client it was initially decided to study a 65m Research and Survey Vessel. However, following our initial examinations and draughting of concepts for consideration, it was concluded that the vessel was not suitable and hence disregarded. During this phase, a different 66m Offshore Rescue and Support Vessel came into focus and after extensive research we confirmed it to be the favourite potential Platform for this Conversion Project.

Focus of this Conversion is to increase the volume of the Luxury Accommodation areas for Owner and Guests by adding Superstructure and modifying existing interior spaces resulting in generous Exterior Decks, while allowing for substantial space for Tenders, Toys and a Submarine. In addition, two fully-certified Helicopter Landing Pads will be accompanied by a Heli. Hangar. Guest access to the water will be provided by lengthening the Vessel from 66m to 70m and providing a superb Beach Club. Divided across the added Superstructure the Conversion will boast spacious VIP and Guest Suites, a Private Owner’s Suite, large Saloons and Recreation areas while new Classification will provide the possibility to navigate in Polar regions.

Conversions differ from a new build, developing their full potential by specifically retaining much of the existing Structure, Hull and Systems to maximise efficiency, shortening the Project duration, while providing best value for the investment made. After a series of in-depth pre-purchase surveys, analyses and inspections, and testing various General Arrangements - the Platform Vessel was made ready for delivery and the 66m Offshore Rescue & Support Vessel could begin its new journey to ICON Yachts in Harlingen. On board during the crossing, the future captain and further members of the Owner’s team were able to convince themselves of the incredible capability and stability of the platform. During the crossing, a severe storm brought waves of over 10 metres, which the platform handled with ease bringing all the passengers safely to their destination, where they were warmly awaited.

The overall design and General Arrangement is close to final and a full team are working closely on the project. The platform is currently safely berthed alongside the quay at the ICON where the yard is engaged in the modification phase during which the sections and areas of the interior that are no longer required are being dismantled in a controlled manner. - Updates on this to follow soon.


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