Libeccio 9.5 WA

Libeccio 9.5 WA

Gozzi Mimì reports a growth and a new sales record

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08/03/2022 - 17:22

Gozzi Mimì reports a significant acceleration in growth and a new sales record. The brand’s innovative collection of gozzo boats designed by Valerio Rivellini - following tradition but with contemporary style - is in increasing demand not only in Italy but also in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Croatia and France.

Following its success at Nauticsud, where it signed various new contracts and aroused the interest of many visitors, Gozzi Mimì’s sales have reached a new record, both in Italy and abroad. Production planned for 2022, equal to about 100 units, in fact, is up 30% on last year, with 60% of it for the international market.

A key role in the brand’s international expansion is being played by partnerships with major foreign dealers: Navis Marine, which distributes the Gozzi Mimì range in Croatia, Water Sport Paradise, operating in the Netherlands and Germany, Nàutica Palamós in Spain, and Euromar in France.

Libeccio 8.50 Walkaround

The yard’s CEO Domenico Senese commented: “Our flourishing reputation at international level is driven by stylistic developments introduced over the last two years together with Valerio Rivellini, resulting in the three new boats presented in Genoa in 2020 – the Libeccio 11 Wa, Libeccio 9.5 Wa, and 8.5 Classic – and more recently the Libeccio 8.5 Wa, plus the latest addition, the 13.5 Cabin, which will have its first launch in the coming months but already has a number of buyers”.

Founded by Salvatore Senese in 1975 as a family-run yard specialising in small hand-crafted boats, Gozzi Mimì is now a state-of-the-art manufacturer whose export business accounts for an increasingly large slice of sales. The new challenge is to penetrate geographical regions as yet unexplored, by leveraging its capacity to breathe new life into a storied type of boat that appeals to an ever wider and more diverse yachting public.


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