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Fiart: the Seawalker range is enriched with the new 35'

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Fiart: the Seawalker range is enriched with the new 35'
Fiart: the Seawalker range is enriched with the new 35'

There is an emotional fil rouge that has been guiding the design of Fiart models over the last sixty years: these models  are conceived  by men who "live the sea", developed by experienced technicians, made by skilled artisans and finally touch the water to reach their new owners.  


Every project that leaves the Baia shipyard is the son of a team that has always worked with a very clear target:delivering boats that make the shipowners happy: beautiful, elegant, solid and smooth in the waves  and relaxing at anchor or on the dock.
The last born son of this philosophy, is the Seawalker 35, available from September 2021.
It is a walkaround with a planing  hull, 9.99 meters long ( 32.70 ft) and  LOA 11.52 meter ( 37.90 ft).

The project was carried out entirely by the Fiart technical department, led by Massimo Simeone, Technical Director, who points out, "We felt in the need to renew our thirty-foot range, applying the know-how gained from the experience on previous models and at the same time creating something completely new, a hull able to give emotions. Thanks to the extreme maneuverability and dynamism of its lines, the Seawalker 35 is designed to be an adventure companion, fast and fun.”.

The first model of the Seawalker 35, under construction in the Baia shipyard, is based on the larger Seawalker 43, a successful model huge in terms of sales in less than a year since her launch and with which the  35 shares the quality standard and the attention to livability. The target is to maintain in this new project, to be launched in July, all  the  style and accuracy of the Fiart brand.
The outdoor spaces enhance the freedom of movement of the walkarounds, without obstacles around the central elements of the cockpit, where the double-seat control  station is located,  whose comfort is guaranteed by the hard top. The comfortable aft sundeck is an invitation to conviviality and is located behind the outdoor kitchen equipped with furniture with grill or hob, sink and refrigerator.
Access to the beach for a dip in the sea is fast and easy, as well as reaching those who are sunbathing in the bow, where there is the relax area equipped with a comfortable round sofa.
Below deck the space has been studied in detail, to ensure privacy and comfort, with design solutions that allow you to enjoy spaces normally unthinkable  on a boat of this size.
The Seawalker 35 is offered with an open-space  cabin with a central double bed , equipped with comfortable furniture and a large bathroom with separate  shower. Two more single beds are provided below the deck floor in  the aft cabin 
The Seawalker 35 can accommodate up to 10 people, 4 for the night. Guests will have at their disposal two relax spaces, at the bow and aft, to spend a pleasant holiday outdoors.
The new Fiart project aims to be an invitation to live on board as a moment of conviviality and relax, even when sailing  at high speed,  thanks to a wide choice of  onboard and outboard engines that guarantee top speeds up to 40 kn
The company has chosen for the time being not to disclose the renderings of the new model, which will be progressively revealed in Fiart media channels and to customers who will request it through the official pages of the Company (, during the processing and development phases, till the  official launch.
The characteristics and peculiarities of the 35 model that is taking shape therefore take the form of a  narrative, in which the distinctive elements are not the numbers and technical data certainly important in the choice of a boat, but emotions.
These short notes are first and foremost an introduction to the way of life of the boat that proposes this new Seawalker: with family or friends, in maximum comfort towards the favorite destination, a "great escape" to fun,  sure to be assisted by the best Fiart quality.

Fiart: the Seawalker range is enriched with the new 35'
Fiart: the Seawalker range is enriched with the new 35'


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