New Pesto Yacht Agents office ready to provide services to superyachts

New Pesto Yacht Agents office ready to provide services to superyachts

New Pesto Yacht Agents office ready to provide services to superyachts


09/06/2021 - 20:01

Genoa, 8 June 2021 – Pesto Sea Group, gathering a leading yacht agency, a worldwide bunker trading company, renown marinas and yacht supplies provider, has opened a new Pesto Yacht Agents office within the “Porto Turistico” of Rome. The office will provide yachts and superyachts with logistic and technical support, taking care of their guests, captains, and crews' stay at 360 degrees.

The new Rome office can follow customers from Rome to Civitavecchia, Ventotene and the Pontine Islands, Anzio and Nettuno up to Gaeta and Formia. This opening adds to the Group's already strong presence in Italy, joining the offices based in Genoa, Portofino, Imperia, La Spezia, Naples and Venice, and bringing their overall number to seven in the country, where the agencies follow an average of 1,200 superyacht calls and assist more than 10 thousand crew members and 5,000 guests.

Thanks to a team of over 30 employees and several partners in Italy as well as French Riviera and Croatia, Pesto Yacht Agents is able to respond and take action in real time 365 days a year, offering a complete and efficient service to welcome and assist guests, crews, and captains at best during their stay: from healthcare to technical assistance, from the organisation of dedicated events, tours and unique tourist and cultural experiences in the area all the way to transfers, bookings, and much more. 

"Thanks to our new office in Rome and two agents on site, we are going to be even closer to our clients and able to plan every detail of their cruise faster and more efficiently, offering  an exclusive experience tailored to the needs and expectations of superyacht guests – commented Pesto Sea Group's Managing Director Massimiliano Pesto – At a time of difficulty and stalemate worldwide, Pesto Sea Group has continued to grow and improve, confirming its soundness and the value of our daily work to support the industry of large pleasure boats, which is a vital sector for both the national and local economy.”

The Group makes available a wide range of services to the yachting industry at an international level through its five companies: besides taking care of welcoming and assisting crew and guests through the yachting agency Pesto “Agents - since 1966”, bunkering services are also provided worldwide thanks to Femobunker, yachts and superyachts can rely on berthing services at Marina Molo Vecchio and Molo Vecchio Crociere in the heart of Genoa, while Molo Vecchio Marine Supply is in charge of ship chandler activities.

Pesto Sea Groups is fully committed to promoting Genoa's and Liguria's professional boating sector, deemed as a key element for the local economy. The Group is a member of the association Genova For Yachting, Genoa's professional yachting industry cluster, and - through Marina Molo Vecchio - of Liguria For Yachting, a network comprising Liguria's leading marinas.

In 2021, together with Amico & Co - a leader in the mega yacht repair and refurbishment sector -, Pesto Sea Group also launched "Genoa Superyacht Hub", an international marketing project aimed at creating synergies in the promotion of exclusive reception, assistance, technical support, and entertainment services to the international superyacht community, also by enhancing the cultural events, environmental beauties, and lively, welcoming atmosphere visitors can find in Genoa, Liguria, and Northern Italy as a whole.

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