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It will take place on May 9 at 16.00 the first Webinar - kept interactive seminar on internet, on the platform Zoom - of @ Seaoflaw an innovative service for commanders and crews yachting and cruising sector.


Avv. Cristina Pozzi, Managing partner of the Law Firm who has conceived Seaoflaw together with a net world-wide of professionals of the legal sector - explain that Seaoflaw is an innovative service of information and constant assistance to Commanders and crews, for the time being focused on the sector yachting and cruising.

The service wants together offer a constant updating on the themes of great interest for our clients (monthly newsletter and 10 webinars) and a legal consultation "tailor made", all over the world, up to guarantee the presence of a legal within 24 hours from a a significant issue.

Cristina Pozzi
Lawyer Cristina Pozzi

We want to ensure training, information and innovative advice, also through a dedicated app for clients, that allows them a constant chance to get assistance around the world.

The Seaoflaw consulting service is divided into three levels of assistance: Basic, Medium and Full, with different and progressive content and costs. More details and information are available on

The first interactive seminar, on 9 May at 16.00 on the Zoom platform, which is part of the @Seaoflaw Basic service, will address the issue of Brexit and possible scenarios of UK exit from the EU.

After an analysis of the state of negotiations and the options that are emerging, the issue of the impact on UK-flagged vessels, the resulting aspects of shipping and taxation will be addressed, and the repercussions on English maritime titles and crews.

The Sea of Law
The Sea of Law

Webinar @Seaoflaw on the Zoom platform - Duration: two hours - English or Italian - materials: slides - when : 9 May 2019 ore 16.00 - About: brexit and Yachting

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