The Foiling Week: new website online

The Foiling Week: new website online

The Foiling Week: new website online


28/02/2023 - 14:42

We Are Foiling, the ecosystem of events and initiatives connected to foiling, the new era of sailing, towards a sustainable mobility on water, has a new website.

From the homepage you will have access to the sites of the ongoing projects: Foiling Week, Foiling Awards, SuMoth Challenge, Foiling Film Festival and SAS Foiling Project.

The content is produced by the We Are Foiling communication department. The graphics were taken care of by Beatrice Colombo Serri, group's creative director, together with the digital & web agency Egloo of Milan, which also handled the site engineering and the technical solutions implemented.

The site, which for the time being is broadcast in English, has a Media section for the download of visual content available to the entire Foiling Community for news and social posting.

Luca Rizzotti, Founder and President of We Are Foiling, comments: "The Foiling Week digital showcase that has accompanied us since the beginning could no longer contain all the projects we are involved in today. Also to celebrate the first ten years of Foiling Week, we decided to give the right visibility to each element of the great ecosystem we are cultivating and at the same time prepare the space for all the new initiatives to come. We Are Foiling, as the name says, was born to be an inclusive universe open to the Foiling Community. Let us know on social media how to improve what we are enthusiastically pursuing."

From today until March 17th, it will be possible to vote for the nominees of the 13 categories of the sixth Foiling Awards, which will be assigned on March 29th.

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