Cala Galera Welcomes the Best to the 2017 Melges 32 World Championship

Cala Galera Welcomes the Best to the 2017 Melges 32 World Championship

Cala Galera Welcomes the Best to the 2017 Melges 32 World Championship


24/08/2017 - 13:16

Four days of world-class racing is all set and ready in Cala Galera, seventeen teams representing seven nations are fully prepared for big battle

There is a short time to go until the first warning is fired for the commencement of ten races at the 2017 Boero Melges 32 World Championship hosted by Circolo Nautico e della Vela Argentario.

As the most important event on the 2017 Melges 32 World League circuit, the first start will sound tomorrow, Wednesday, August 23 at 13.30, setting in motion the act of crowning the Class' ninth World Champion.

As to who it will be is yet to be seen -  so many teams have shown great progress and potential over the last four World League events.

Among the favorites is Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio's G.SPOT with Branko Brcin as tactician. They've been so close to victory on several occasions this season, but has had to settle for lower podium position trophies. Serena di Lapigio and Brcin are looking for lady luck to shine bright and in their favor for the final event of the season.

Portovenere and Scarlino winner Matteo Balestrero on GIOGI with tactician Daniele Cassinari, and newly crowned European Champions Edoardo Lupi and Massimo Pessina sailing TORPYONE with Lorenzo Bressani on tactics are sure to be in the top mix of competitors.

Vincenzo Onorato's MASCALZONE LATINO with 2012 Melges 32 World Champion tactician Paul Goodison, Andrea Lacorte's VITAMINIA AMERIKANA featuring Gabriele Benussi on tactics, the Pavesio brothers aboard FRA MARTINA with tactical ace Manuel Weiller, and Andrea Ferrari with Pietro Sibello as tactician aboard SPIRIT OF NERINA are all in the running and have clear potential to be crowned top dog.

The extraordinary Vasco Vascotto as tactician aboard Richard Goransson's INGA must be acknowledged as a front runner, as well as Russia's Pavel Kuznetsov on TAVATUY with Evgeny Neugodnikov as tactician, Turkish entry of Ahmet Eker's EKER with Mike Buckley on tactics, Germany's Fritz Homann on WILMA with the celebrated Nico Celon, and Norway's Lasse Petterson on PIPPA with famed Matteo Ivaldi calling the shots.

In the Corinthian division, the heat is on between Francesco Graziani's VITAMINA, Martin Reintjes' CAIPRIINHA, Kilian Holzapfel's HOMANIT JR. and Jens Kuhne's SJAMBOK.

"We are delighted to welcome the Melges 32 Fleet to our Club for its most prestigious regatta," said the Claudio Boccia of Circolo Nautico e della Vela Argentario. "With the organization of the Melges 32 Boero World Championship, our Club wants to confirm its role in the world of sailing, among others, the aim of making the it and especially Porto Ercole, a point of reference for sailing worldwide."

The Melges 32 World Championship presented by Boero Yacht Coatings is proudly supported by Helly Hansen, Toremar, North Sails, Garmin Marine Italia, Lavazza and Barracuda Communication.

1.) Martin Reintjies/Enrico Fonda, CAIPIRINHA (Corinthian)
2.) Ahmet Eker/Mike Buckley, EKER
3.) Edoardo Pavesio/Manuel Weiller Vidal, FRA MARTINA
4.) Matteo Balestrero/Daniele Cassinari, GIOGI
5.) Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio/Branko Brcin, G-SPOT
6.) Kilian Holzapfel/Frithjof Schwerdt, JUNIOR HOMANIT (Corinthian)
7.) Richard Goransson, Vasco Vascotto, INGA
8.) Christian Schwoerer/Nic Asher, LA PERICOLOSA
9.) Vincenzo Onorato/Cameron Appleton, MASCALZONE LATINO
10.) Lasse Petterson/Matteo Ivaldi, PIPPA
11.) Jens Khune/Stefano Cherin, SJAMBOK
12.) Andrea Ferrari/Pietro Pietro Sibello, SPIRIT OF NERINA
13.) Pavel Kuznetsov/Evgeny Neugodnikov, TAVATUY
14.) Edoardo Lupi-Massimo Pessina/Lorenzo Bressani, TORPYONE
15.) Francesco Graziani/Andrea Fornaro, VITAMINA (Corinthian)
16.) Andrea Lacorte/Gabriele Benussi, VITAMINA AMERIKANA
17.) Fritz Homann/Nico Celon, WILMA

TOP FIVE RESULTS (2017 Melges 32 World League, Four Events Completed)
1.) Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio, G-SPOT = 72 pts.
2.) Edoardo Lupi/Massimo Pessina, TORPYONE = 68 pts.
3.) Andrea Lacorte, VITAMINA AMERIKANA = 65 pts.
4.) Matteo Balestrero, GIOGI = 63 pts.
5.) Pavel Kuznetsov, TAVATUY; 60 pts.

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