Vittorio Malingri steps down from Translated 9 at the OGR

Vittorio Malingri steps down from Translated 9 at the OGR

Vittorio Malingri steps down from Translated 9 at the OGR


10/01/2024 - 13:40

This news came like a thunderbolt, unexpected and sensational. Vittorio Malingri, after leading the Swan 65 Translated 9 all the way to victory in the first two legs of the Ocean Globe Race - the historic but competitive re-enactment of the first Whitbread Round the World Race - resigned as co-skipper and disembarked in Auckland. The problems and the open controversy are with Don McIntyre’s OGR race management. While we wait for further details from all the parties involved, we share Vittorio Malingri's Facebook post. The post also includes a short statement from Translated, the company of Marco Trombetti, co-skipper and sponsor of the boat.

It is worth mentioning that the boat competed in the 1977-78 Whitbread under the name ADC Accutrac, captained by Clare Francis, the race's first female skipper.

Vittorio Malingri, together with his son Nico, supervised the boat's preparation and crew selection.

“I'm out of the game, my resign news raised the hell in Italy and for me it's a priceless damage, but my style is that you, follower and friends, are the one that must judge. You are good, intelligent and independent. To judge you have to have the picture, to have the picture you have to read everybody reasons. For the moment I do not give you mine because I'm supposed to be the guilty one.

Just one tip. A part the content pay attention at the stile with wich Translated comunicate (here under), Team Malingri comunicate and OGR will.

A part that ladies and guys, helping the Translated project has been one of the most positive and intense experience of my sailing life, an endless love and fun.

I tell you I do not feel bad now, ok yes for the problem caused to the team, but I'm not worried by the performance they will have and I have no doubt that Translated 9 will dominate until the end.

You do not know but our unexpected performance made our competitors totally mad. We, exactely like the Mexicans of Sayula, were rated 0 at the start, not a problem for the others boats, class and fleet...and they even showed that in Southampton.

Me and Marco wanted since the beginning of the project to be under rated. Now, since the very first moment of the race, they are gone totally crazy and the only way they have to stop us is burocracy.

We are under attack and suspect all the time: our rating is false, we do tricks ...every day we talk with somebody that doubt we play fair.

This is definitively not the style I like among competitors, it comes from around the cans racing and is completely alien to solo and doublehanded ocean racing where competitors support each other, at the beginng was looking like but now Is gone. We also know about many things not regular on many boats, bowsprits, wrong certificate, not permitted apparates but we do not care at all and mind our business. We explain things sailing not arguing, we go faster than them with a slower boat compared to theirs because we are a lot better yacht preparators and ocean sailors, because Marco chosed the smarter boat on the paper and on reality (Translated never fails, no matter what).

I was telling before, I will have even a greater fun seeing as a spectator how my Translated9 "ladies and guys" will do without the "old Tiger" shouting after them. Probable is exactely how it should be as I have been involved from the beginning to help not to rule, it's mainly their project not mine.

They are the Humans, I'm a Beast! Everybody knows that! 

Translated9 it's a wonderful reality. The crew Is stronger than ever, Translated, the Company, it's something a part cause their true human philosophy and immense skills to solve any problem, this one included.

Marco Trombetti is a true friend, you never arrive to know somebody so deep in a short time as it happens when sailing for days. He is always on, he already reached the top and his fun is not making money but to help to change the world in better.

Between us we talk a lot about business, I know without any doubt that what makes him more happy is to solve big-big- big problems because is there were his brain is challenged and turn near the red heating zone, like and engine. Great guy, great fun also, simple person giving space to everybody.

There are very few Marco in this planet, it's an honor and a great school having built and shared so much with him.

They are my FAMILY AND BEST FRIENDS, I can do errors but I can' let them down.

It a pleasure for me to take a step back and shield them from the style the race have to comunicate this kind of things. It's a too big treat to the real attitude of Translated9 and Translated company.

To be right they usually act exactely in the opposite way and all this issue come from me alone, they knew nothing about it.

Be patient still a couple of days and you will have the whole picture. Up to now thank for the great support showed in yesterday's post comments.

Crew of Translated9, you know there were very good reasons for what I did, but having acted like that caused a penalty that you too have to pay. Sorry. The biggest sorry possible.

But the worst thing is that as leader I gave you a bad example. You are all young and clean, grow smart but remain like that cause the real life law is: "Each of us make is own destiny with his actions and his words". There is no escape from that.

I love you. You are my BIG FAMILY, all of you, on board, on shore and in the office. We are here because of your very very good job. Has been an honor and a pleasure to sail the roaring forties with you all.

Mad Dogs and Tigers9: attack all the time like a tomorrow will never come.

You will make It.

Have fun doing It.”

Old Tiger


Statement issued by Translated9:

“Our co-skipper Vittorio Malingri has just resigned. In his letter of resignation he acknowledges his misjudgment and wrong declaration concerning one of the rules of the OGR, a technical rule regarding the repairing of the sails. This error is likely to cause a serious penalty and – as a result – to harm our participation in the regatta. I appreciate Vittorio’s decision to take full responsibility and want to thank him for his extraordinary performance as sailor for the first two legs. We are conducting an internal inquiry to assess in detail what happened. In the meantime, we appreciate the support we are receiving and we know that we have many options to ensure a great performance in leg 3.” -- Marco Trombetti.


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