Daniele De Tullio Italia Yachts’ CEO, enduring style rather than fleeting trends


06/11/2023 - 09:49

By embracing "Made in Italy" as an integral part of its brand, Italia Yachts has not only transcended its origins as a small shipyard but has also emerged as a flourishing global industrial player. This ascent is particularly remarkable thanks to the brand's expansion into new international markets that hold an ever-increasing appreciation for products bearing the esteemed "Made in Italy" distinction. The boatyard has successfully retained its core identity as it expanded, remaining steadfast in its commitment to the nurturing and time-honored management approach commonly associated with Italy's manufacturing heritage.

Daniele De Tullio, the youthful CEO of Italia Yachts, a passionate yachtsman and accomplished competitor, recently discussed with Giuliano Luzzatto the company's unwavering philosophy, centered on the pursuit of enduring style rather than fleeting trends. The discussion extended beyond the impressive double-digit growth in turnover to include details about the company's newly established production site in the Marche region. The conversation spanned from the owners' notable achievements in international competitions to the company's future endeavors, notably the launch of an innovative motor yacht that will mark the inception of an entirely new product range.



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