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XIII Gathering of Historic Sailboats: a Fleet of Vintage Boats in Viareggio

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XIII Gathering of Historic Sailboats: a Fleet of Vintage Boats in Viareggio
XIII Gathering of Historic Sailboats: a Fleet of Vintage Boats in Viareggio

Everything is ready for the 13th edition of the Gathering of Historic Sailboats in Viareggio on October 12-15. More than 50 vintage boats are sailing towards this Tuscan city to celebrate the end of the 2017 sailing season. Among the participants are the nineteenth century schooner Pandora and the 1910 Orion, the 1937 Orianda and the Vistona, and the 1925 Geometra. There will also be a fleet of 5.50 Meter International Rule boats, training boats with Navy cadets and boats built by the Sangermani Shipyard competing for the award named for their builder. On the docks there will an array of vintage automobiles. And there will be three regattas.


The greatest naval Designers of the century in Viareggio

Don’t miss this yachting and traditional seamanship celebration! To register online go to . On October 12-15, for the 13th year in a row, the Tuscan city of Viareggio will be the official host for the closing ceremonies of the 2017 season devoted to historic and classic sailboats. The gathering is being held in collaboration with the Versilia Nautical Club and under the patronage of AIVE (Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca/Italian Vintage Sailboat Association). Many new activities are being planned. During the three days of the event, Viareggio will be the capital of international yachting. It will be home to more than 50 of the most beautiful vintage sailboats crafted by the most famous yacht designers of the 1900s still sailing the Mediterranean: from William Fife to Camper & Nicholsons, from Sparkman & Stephens to Alfred Mylne, Dick Carter, Britton Chance Jr., Laurent Giles, Christian Jensen, van de Stadt, Eugene Cornu, Cesare Sangermani and Carlo Sciarrelli. It is a singular occasion to admire them all at dock thanks to the new “Welcome Aboard,” and – in some cases – go aboard. From Friday to Sunday the fleet will participate in regattas. Sunday afternoon the Club Nautico di Versilia will host the award ceremonies. Main sponsor of the event is il Bisonte, the historic Florentine leather goods company.

Program for the XIII Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats

Thursday October 12, 2017
- Boats arrive in Viareggio and dock at the Club Nautico Versilia and Perini Navi. Registration.
- 7 pm Welcome cocktail at the Club Nautico Versilia

Friday October 13, 2017
- 9:30 AM Event opening at the Club Nautico Versilia with Regatta Briefing
- 12 Noon First regatta (the 5.50 International Rule Class will have a separate regatta)
- 5 PM Guided Tour of the restoration work at the Del Carlo Shipyard with prosciutto and bruschetta snack compliments of the Rotary of Viareggio

Saturday October 14, 2017
- 11 AM Second Regatta (the 5.50 International Rule Class will have a separate regatta)
- 5 PM Book Presentation of Nodi – Intrichi comprensibili [Knots–understandable tangles by Andrea Maggiori and Monica Martella and I 5.5 Metri di Stazza Internazionale [5.5 Meter International Tonnage Boats] by yacht designer Andrea Rossi.
- 8 PM dinner feast for ship owners and crews at the Del Carlo shipyard of Viareggio (facing the gathering’s quay).

Sunday October 15, 2017
- 10 AM Third Regatta (the 5.50 International Rule Class will have a separate regatta)
- 4:30 PM Award Ceremony at the Club Nautico Versilia for the Challenge Sangermani Trophy, the Challenge Admiral Florindo Cerri Trophy, the Trophy of Elegance Il Bisonte.

The charge of the Eighty-tear Olds: Birthdays of participating boats

Three of the boats participating in the 13th edition of the Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats will be celebrating 80 years from their launching in 1937: the Vistona, the Borea d’Olmo family’s historic 16 meter gaff cutter launched in England and on which generations of sailors have trained; the Endeavour, a “Tourism Class” built in Finland and being raced in regatta by a Swiss family; and the Orianda, a 26 meter schooner built in Denmark and used for charter cruises from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.  Celebrating its 70th birthday is the Capitan Lipari, a 23-meter ketch built in Genoa in 1947 and recently sold to a new owner after belonging for a quarter of a century to the renowned international set designer Lorenzo Ghiglia.  Among the “younger” boats is the 5.50 meter International Tonnage 60-year old Artemis II. The Namib, winner of the Panerai Trophy and often raced by champion sailor Mauro Pelaschier and the Colibrì, a Sparkman & Stephens built by the famous Carlini Shipyard of Rimini.

Navy Boats

The Navy is participating with several important boats, among them the 1974 16-meter Chaplin, designed by the famous Carlo Sciarrelli of Trieste and donated in 2008 by the Novi family to the Navy.  In 2009 Chaplin won the Panerai Trophy in the “Classic Yacht” category.  Also participating is the 1961 21-meter Corsaro II that has sailed in the most important international regattas from Los Angeles to Honolulu and Newport, in the Fastnet, in the Buenos Aires-Rio de Janeiro and the Sydney-Hobart.  The Grifone, a 5.50 meter International Tonnage built in Sweden in 1963 sailed in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics regatta and in 1965 won the Class World Championship in Naples with at the helm sailboating’s hero Admiral Agostino Straulino.

Exhibits and Activities

The 13th edition of the Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats will host a number of exhibits and activities. There will be a “Welcome Aboard” (tours of the boats); an exhibit of the work of watercolorist Emanuela Tenti and of photographer Marco Trainotti; and prestigious vintage cars thanks to CAMET (Club Auto d’Epoca Toscano/ Vintage Automobile Club of Tuscany) and a dynamic and navigational model of the Zaca schooner made by yacht designers Giulia Rebora and Roberto Massino. Andrea Maggiori, the Ligurian known as “The Knot Man” will offer demonstrations of  maritime craftsmanship. Maggiori, is member of the renowned International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT).  On board the schooner Pandora, a replica of a nineteenth century postal boat, the public will be able to view the making of a new wooden figurehead by carver Davide Holzknecht. The Rotary Club of Viareggio will present its many domestic and international projects, and especially its most important one –End Polio - that in little less than 25 years of global Rotary commitment has resulted in almost total eradication of the disease.

The Sponsors

The 13th Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats is made possible thanks to Il Bisonte, Cioni, Leopolda Manifatture Artigiane, Mediterranean Yacht Maintenance, Veleria Be1, Aizmut Wealth Management, Tera Energy and Locman. And the following technical sponsors:  Ubi Maior, Prosciutto Toscano, Giornale della Vela, Acqua dell’Elba, Caffè New York, Castelli del Grevepesa, Marina Militare,  Europromo, Cantine di Soffiano, the Port of Pisa, and the Rotary Club Viareggio Versilia. LenciSub’s Approdo Calafati of Viareggio will host vessels temporarily moved from the Darsena Europa to make room for the vintage boats.

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