Yanmar unveils the green customer journey

Yanmar unveils the green customer journey

Yanmar unveils the green customer journey


By Yanmar
25/10/2023 - 11:44

Yanmar Marine International (YMI), a global leader in marine propulsion and engine solutions, proudly announces its pioneering 'Customer Journey' focus at METSTRADE. Designed to carve the way for the company and its customers towards a more sustainable future, the initiative demonstrates Yanmar's commitment to supporting its customers to take the first steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. 

By embracing the marine industry's efforts to become cleaner and greener, Yanmar leads its customers on their journey to create a sustainable future for the world's oceans and guides them in the ways they can reduce their environmental impact whilst still enjoying time onboard their vessel. 

As a key step in this strategy, Yanmar announced the approval of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel for its marine engines. This is one of the first steps its customer can take easily and affordably in their sustainability journey before electrification becomes more widespread. HVO fuel is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels providing customers with an eco-conscious option to power their vessels which can be used right away with no modifications required to their engines.

Floris Lettinga, Director of Sales and Marketing commented; "Yanmar is dedicated to supporting its customers with sustainable solutions for the marine industry. Our Energy Transition Strategy represents a significant leap towards a cleaner, more environmentally responsible future. By testing and approving HVO fuel for our engines and by guiding and reassuring our customers in their journey, we are collectively contributing to a healthier planet and more responsible boating along the way to electrification."

YANMAR understands that sustainability is a shared responsibility. To support customers in their journey towards a more sustainable future, the company suggests a range of proactive steps:

-Convert to HVO Fuel straightaway: Customers can make an immediate impact by switching to HVO fuel, a cleaner and renewable alternative, now approved for use with Yanmar engines.
-Regular Maintenance: Proper engine maintenance ensures optimal performance and reduces emissions. YANMAR provides comprehensive support to keep engines running efficiently.
-Explore Innovative Solutions: Electrification is upon us and Yanmar is committed to sustainable technology, combining their renowned reliable technology with electric power to reduce environmental impacts. Keep abreast of the latest innovations with YANMAR. 
-Raise Awareness: Talking to people in your own boating/marine community about sustainable practices fosters a culture of environmental responsibility

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