Jo Aleh, Chair of the World Sailing Athletes’ Commission

Jo Aleh, Chair of the World Sailing Athletes’ Commission

Jo Aleh, Chair of the World Sailing Athletes’ Commission


21/01/2023 - 13:59

As World Sailing awaits the decision by International Paralympic Committee on the LA28 programme, Aleh - who represents the voices of thousands of sailors around the world – explains why she feels Para Sailing can open up unique experiences for athletes:

“I grew up in Muriwai on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand, in a family that had no history in sailing.

“I took up the sport when I was ten years old – ever since my first sail, being on the water has given me a sense of freedom, possibilities, of being at one with nature.”

Sailing is a “unique sport, truly accessible”
Aleh believes that sailing is one of the most accessible sports, enabling sailors to compete as equals on the water, regardless of disability or gender:

“I simply love getting out on the water and sailing, challenging myself against the elements, competitors – and against myself in the pursuit of perfection, in a sport where perfection can never truly exist.

“Para Sailing offers people across the entire classification spectrum the opportunity to compete at the highest levels – it can, and does, enable Para Sailors to have the same opportunities, living fuller lives on and off the water.

“And this is a sport where gender is irrelevant, where men and women can compete on a level playing field.”

The International Paralympic Committee is now in the final stages of considering the biggest ever interest in the Paralympic Games – 33 sports have submitted applications for LA28.

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