Restoration of Posidonia thanks to the support of Osculati

Restoration of Posidonia thanks to the support of Osculati

Restoration of Posidonia thanks to the support of Osculati


23/01/2023 - 11:15

One Ocean Foundation would like to thank Osculati, a leading company in Italy and among the first in Europe in nautical accessories, for its financial support to the “Blue Carbon Project” aimed at restoring the Posidonia oceanica meadow situated in the Marine Protected Area Isola di Bergeggi (SV) in Liguria, Italy.

Posidonia oceanica is a marine plant endemic to the Mediterranean Sea with extraordinary environmental value: thanks to its extensive underwater meadows of great ecological importance, capable of protecting the coastline from erosion and absorbing large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as producing oxygen. Furthermore, the Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadow constitutes a habitat for many marine organisms, providing them with shelter, food, and an area to reproduce and grow.  

In this first phase, the project envisages planting about 100 square meters of Posidonia oceanica through innovative transplantation techniques with low environmental impact, using biodegradable materials (coconut fiber nets). 

The value of Osculati's economic support also concerns the research and monitoring aspect, as these are experimental methods that will provide important data for the development of future and increasingly compliant transplantation techniques. 

“Our company strongly believes in the importance of protecting the sea and its precious resources. For this reason we are particularly pleased to offer our contribution to a concrete project that enhances scientific research and protects the seabed of the Italian seas," says Alberto Osculati, Executive Director of Osculati. In 2022 Osculati published its first sustainability report, a primary tool for communicating and reporting on activities and results in the economic, social and environmental spheres to stakeholders.

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