Videoworks: serving the yachting sector worldwide

Videoworks: serving the yachting sector worldwide

Videoworks: serving the yachting sector worldwide


13/11/2023 - 14:25

As 2023 and the 25th anniversary of Videoworks draws to close, the Videoworks team will be out in force at METS2023 (stand number 10.111). Officially founded in 1998 in Ancona, the tech company has continued to evolve and expand to become a truly international presence. In particular, Videoworks Europe BV was set up in 2016 in the Netherlands. This strategic step underlined the company’s determination to serve the yachting sector worldwide, including the exclusive Dutch market.

The numbers speak for themselves:


·         Forecasted VoP 2023: +5% vs 2022

·         VoP Videoworks Europe BV 2023: >25% of the group VoP

·         VoP 2022: +29% vs 2021

·         CAGR 2021-2023: +18%


·         Projects delivered since year of foundation: 850+

·         Yachts delivered 2020-2023: 168

·         Ongoing yacht projects: 99


·         Avg 2023: approx. 110 people (Group)

·         Avg Videoworks Europe BV: 16 people

“Videoworks has worked to increase continuously our efficiency, to provide quality and to absorb temporary peaks and our overall capacity runs at 80%,” says Videoworks CEO Maurizio Minossi. “The value of production for the current financial year stands at 26 million euros, thus we have recorded an average of 18% per year since 2021, a result obtained thanks to the constant commitment of the entire team. The results of the last three years have consolidated the global dimension of the Videoworks group and confirmed the strategy consistently pursued since 2016, the year in which we opened the office in the Netherlands, followed by the offices in the US, France and Turkey. For the future we will continue to follow our philosophy focused on technological research and development, service reliability and attention to customer needs. On the internal front, alongside R&D activities we will continue to focus on planning and engineering processes to provide increasingly solid and effective services.”

“Videoworks Europe BV, the Dutch arm of the Group, turns 7 this year,” says Stefan Nieuwenhuys, General Manager of Videoworks Europe BV. “Today it is a consolidated and reliable partner for Northern European shipyards. In 2023, we have contributed more than 25% of the group's production value and are growing further. Our strength is the ability to combine a more international vision with the experience consolidated by Videoworks during 25 years of activity. I don't think there are any other companies in our sector that can boast a reference list of more than 850 yachts and that can count on such a great background of experience and competence. We are proud to be part of it and to contribute to the growth of the group.”

Health Remote Monitoring

The Group is constantly developing new and innovative technological solutions that are not limited to audio/video systems. On display at the Videoworks stand (10.111) during METS2023, for example, is its new HRM (Health Remote Monitoring) technology.

A completely new development that was unveiled at The Monaco Yacht Show, HRM technology allows remote monitoring of health parameters via broadband connections. The system can provide the owners’ or guests’ personal physician with real-time information on their health, offering a reasonably complete clinical picture (for instance, by transmitting blood pressure, heartbeat and blood oxygenation data) so that the doctor can determine whether the patient can be treated on board, will soon require further examination in a hospital, or requires emergency intervention.

The development of this new technology is made even more efficient thanks to the 5G and the new connections guaranteed by the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite system, one of the innovations that Videoworks is able to guarantee on board, with a connection just as stable and fast as we are used to having at home or in the office.

Cybersecurity ISO:27001 certification

Videoworks is also proud to announce that the Group has been awarded ISO 27001 certification, the international standard that describes best practices for an ISMS (information security management system).

With cyber-crime on the rise, ISO/IEC 27001 helps organizations become risk-aware and proactively identify and address weaknesses. Not only does the standard provide a company with the necessary know-how for protecting their most valuable information, but also demonstrates that it is following information security protocols and can provide independent and qualified verification that data is managed in line with international standards.

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