RollsRoyce and Team Italia Marine

RollsRoyce and Team Italia Marine

Team Italia Marine at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023


25/09/2023 - 14:56

Team Italia Marine, now part of the Rolls-Royce technology Group, will be exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show (27-30 September 2023 stand Darse Sud DS42) with its "from bridge to propeller" strategy, which develops from the awareness that yacht construction is becoming increasingly complex due to Owners' growing desires for performance and comfort and regulatory requirements for environmental protection and safety.

The number of parameters influencing the propulsion system and everything connected to it is increasing, and with it the complexity of the systems. For this reason, yacht builders often prefer to offer complete solutions from dashboard to propulsion rather than rely on a multitude of individual components from different suppliers.

Having the experience of Team Italia Marine in the Rolls-Royce Group means joining forces, combining expertise and creativity to develop completely new solutions for the next generation of large yachts that will benefit Owners and guests, yacht builders, customers and crew.

Combining all the data, all the controls, all the functions imaginable in the bridge in an intelligent manner will open up new dimensions for technology, also using artificial intelligence that will connect the countless information and data accumulating in the bridge in such a way as to raise safety, operation, consumption and comfort to a new level.

Team Italia Marine has been talking about the Virtual Bridge for some time now, and is working on 3D technologies that, integrated with on-board systems, will enable them to be controlled and managed in a complete and efficient manner thanks to their virtualisation.

The Virtual Bridge in this sense could also become a bridge to be located in a different area from where we are currently used to finding it. In this way, owners and their guests would have an entire area on the upper deck (in a privileged position) to fully enjoy the sailing experience and an uninterrupted view of the sea.

All this, always respecting the choices of the Owner himself, his Architect, his Captain and, above all, the rules of the Class Register and supporting a complete customisation of the bridge, implementing both functional and ergonomic integration.

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