Quick unveils its new customizable Intercepta range at boot Dusseldorf

Quick unveils its new customizable Intercepta range at boot Dusseldorf

Quick unveils its new customizable Intercepta range at boot Dusseldorf


23/01/2024 - 10:28

Quick, international leader in the marine equipment industry, has unveiled its new tailor-made oriented Intercepta range during the 2024 boot Dusseldorf boat show in Germany, January 20-28. Released under the MC2 brand umbrella and incorporated as part of Quick’s advanced Seacentric System, the Intercepta X Series offers4 standard models for yachts from 50ft to 130ft and the possibility to customize the product on the client needs.

X marks the spot

The X Series joins Quick’s existing plug-and-play IN Series Intercepta– designed for yachts from 20ft to 130ft – as part of the MC2 range alongside Viator fin stabilizers and Quick Gyro stabilization units, and brings the ability for boatbuilders to customize their interceptorsolutions to the design of specific models and hulls.

While the IN Series is offered in standardized units that can be combined in installations of up to eight interceptors, the X Series is expertly crafted through mechanical processing and alongside the four standard interceptor units in the range (the X50, X65, X80 and X100). The product is engineered to offer a tailor-made service whereby the interceptors can be customized in width to the centimeter, as well as allowing for changing the position of each unit’s inboard-mounted drive motor. This creates the ultimate in flexibility not only to ensure perfect dynamic response but also to perfectly fit any project.

“We will assist the shipyard to define their needs and the size of interceptor they want to have, as well as changing the positioning of the interceptor motors which are mounted inside the hull to suit,” says LorenzoMongiardo, Quick Group Head of R&D.

“The X Series delivers another level of bespoke solution to boatbuilders looking for the very best and most advanced ride control system, while the plug-and-play compatibility with the Seacentric system components and architecture means that a stunning level of intelligent ride control is instantly available.”

Cutting edge control

With all elements of the Seacentric system available separately there is a solution for all operational needs, but when combined – with the Viator fins for active stabilization underway, the Quick Gyro forat-rest stabilization, and the Intercepta solutions for controlling pitch underway – Seacentric offers boatbuilders and their customers a highly advanced, integrated solution that takes a 360-degree interactive approach to motion control that goes far beyond the scope of conventional roll stabilization.

Proprietary software that draws on active algorithms coordinates the response of each system – fins, gyro and interceptors – and capitalizes on each component’s strength, which translates to an incredible level of comfort for boaters at all states of operation through static and dynamic stabilization both under way and at anchor. The system calculates and leverages the dynamic responses of each component in the system, combining their respective strengths and ensuring maximum effectiveness in all conditions.

“The MC2 products can be really deeply integrated into the boat control system, and all the element parts of the system are engineered to deliver the best performance and to meet the demands of any shipyard,” Mongiardo concludes. “Moreover, it means shipyards need only to work with one partner company to source their best solution and that’s the real advantage of Quick – as well as offering market-leading solutions, the support and the partnership between us and yard with MC2 is second to none.”

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