Quick presents at METSTRADE 2023 the outlook for the next three years

Quick presents at METSTRADE 2023 the outlook for the next three years

Quick presents at METSTRADE 2023 the outlook for the next three years


16/11/2023 - 18:41

The acquisition of Nemo Industrie, historic brand founded in 1969 in northern Italy and specialized in the production of nautical components recognized internationally for quality and reliability, is the perfect example of the group's growth targets set to be achieved by 2026.

The story of Quick Spa is a successful blend of intuition, skills and determination.
Beginning with the entrepreneurial spirit of two young men along with PM Marina, their small company specializing in marine electronics, the story evolved in 1992 with the acquisition of Quick, triggering a process of growth.

Over the years, Quick successfully expanded in the United States in 2006, with the creation of Quick USA Inc, and in the United Kingdom, in 2018, with Quick UK. In the same year, Michele Marzucco successfully managed the generational change, with his children Chiara and Carlo joining the company by acquiring the shares of the partner. Together with them, he developed strategies to continue the growth process, identifying the need to have a "strong" financial partner.

Thus, 2022 marks a significant step with the agreement with Fondo Italiano d'Investimento SGR and Armònia SGR to acquire a majority stake in Quick Spa. The goal is clear: to give a further boost to the path already taken by the Group and increase development opportunities through an ambitious program of consolidation and development thanks to acquisitions and the launching of new products on the market which are 100% made at Quick.

A program that will come to fruition this year with a triple acquisition: 100% of Sanguineti Chiavari, a company in the Ligurian region specialized in the design and production of complex components for large pleasure boats; 100% of XENTA Systems, an electronics company specialized in the development and production of control systems for yachts and superyachts; and 100% of Nemo Industrie, a company specializing in the production of components for motor and sail boats such as hatches, portholes, jib furlers and gangways. Finally, an additional major acquisition is expected in the spring of 2024.

All these acquisitions ensure the Group a solid and incisive position in new and promising market segments. While respecting their individual corporate identities, synergies in production and expertise will enable all the companies involved to benefit from the ongoing growth process, as evidenced by the many milestones achieved during the year.

Achievements of the Group in 2023

The expansion of the team features new key figures for the Group:

·         Tommi Salonen, Chief Commercial Officer of Quick Group, with experience gained from several years of working in the boating industry, most recently at Torqeedo GmbH

·         Marco Rodi, Chief Operating Officer of Quick Group with previous experience of nearly 15 years at Technogym

·         Marco Santoro, Managing Director of Quick USA, coming from Ferretti Group

Joining them are two new Sales Managers and five new hires in Quick USA, as well as the opening of an office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

There is also news for CATT, the Group's flagship company that, today under the direction of its CEO Carlo Mazzucco, constitutes a true technological hub thanks to state-of-the-art machinery. A synergy that has lasted more than 27 years and that guarantees Quick the supply of most aluminum, bronze and stainless-steel components, as well as all the molds for plastic workpiece parts. Important investments in the fleet of machines are to be recorded with seven new CNC machine centers of the latest generation.

“That’s plenty of figures that can be summed up in a few very clear targets, the same ones that have animated me since I embarked on my entrepreneurial path: to propose high-quality, technologically advanced products, guaranteeing professional and timely service to our customers in terms of maintenance and after-sales support," commented Michele Marzucco, CEO of Quick. "The Group's growth drivers that will guide us over the next three years include internal development related to new technologies, to be implemented with new product development, and an external one represented by new acquisitions that will broaden the Group's offer and expertise. We intend to strengthen after-sales service and develop advanced software that will improve the integration of on-board systems. In addition, we will continue development plans in the U.S. market. This will result in the goal of the Group of reaching over 100 million euros. Finally, major production unit expansions are also planned for a total of 8 sq. km.”.

Focus on the three acquisitions

The most recent acquisition is that of Nemo Industrie. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Forlì, it handles the entire manufacturing process of its products, from conception and design to material selection, manufacturing, assembly and quality control. The supply chain management and manufacturing skills gained over time have made Nemo an internationally recognized brand in terms of quality and reliability, which further strengthens the Group's image as a reference partner for the pleasure boating industry. The numerous processes performed to date at Nemo will also enable widespread expansion of production capacity to serve the entire Quick product range.

"This is another important acquisition announced just a few weeks after that of Xenta, which confirms the Group's proactive and dynamic core and represents a further step on the strategic path of increased superyacht coverage and strengthening the Group's perceived image," stated Chiara Marzucco, CMO of Quick Group.

“Sanguineti has been a benchmark for superyacht shipyards for 65 years," commented Lorenzo Cesari, CEO of Sanguineti Chiavari. "The goal we aimed for with the acquisition by the Quick Group is to achieve significant growth with an ambitious three-year outlook: in 2023 turnover increased by 36% and we foresee a further growth of 33% in 2024, in order to reach a turnover doubling by 2026, thanks also to investments of 3.5 million euros. The relocation of the company's headquarters to Casarza Ligure (GE) will allow the company to expand its space by about 6000 square meters in total, including about 3,500 square meters of covered space, making it possible to absorb the order book (currently full on 2024) and increase production capacity, including a 35% increase in the workforce”.

“I am proud to have joined the Quick Group, with which I share vision and strategic choices for the near future. The union of two such complementary companies guarantees great development in terms of integration of existing products, commercial synergies and, in the foreseeable future, the introduction of new products. Thanks to its technological know-how, XENTA has established solid partnerships with internationally prestigious shipyards, gaining a strategic role in the implementation of complex solutions in the segment of shaft line propulsion, surface drive and waterjet." declared Lorenzo Mongiardo, CEO of XENTA.

Focus on Quick's new products at METSTRADE 2023

Novelties on the on-board lighting front with the presentation of the Lume, Rubik, Cinammon, Crown and Gladis models, a new spotlight which is the result of a careful restyling of the well-known and already highly appreciated one. The new model is characterized by dual light emission and a clean and essential design, it could be described as minimalist. Much care has also been taken in the choice of materials and their treatments with special attention to weather and marine resistance.

The new Olympic anchors made of AISI 316 stainless steel feature greater ease of use thanks to a careful engineering study. The shape and size are proportioned with a greater amount of lead at the front for a center of gravity more projected toward the tip, which, combined with the anti-rollover joint, increases its ability to penetrate the seabed. The sheet metal forming process, which is subsequently welded, ensures a high strength-to-mass ratio thus guaranteeing optimization of weight distribution, while the cavities that are generated and the air trapped in them produce a floating effect that results in proper positioning of the anchor on the seabed. Thanks to the compact shank, Olympic anchors fit most rollers currently on the market.

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