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A new logbook from WaveTrax ready to be tested

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WaveTrax 1.0.6 is available for media for tests and reviews
WaveTrax 1.0.6 is available for media for tests and reviews



WaveTrax 1.0.6 is available for media for tests and reviews. To download the new WaveTrax 1.0.6 for free, simply email jules.riegal@saltwatercoms.com with Subject Line: ‘Free Promo Code’ and we will reply with your free code.


New 1.0.6 version of boating app for iPad and iPhone introduces live dashboard, multimode tracking feature and new GPS signal alert and indicator

WaveTrax, the world’s most fully-featured marine logbook app for iPad and iPhone, remains at the forefront of the evolution of the logbook with the launch of a new version.

Established as a leading application in the field, WaveTrax now features additional key functions to make both the app and user website an even more appealing and user-friendly option for a variety of sailors and boaters.

WaveTrax 1.0.6 offers a live dashboard to mark changes in mode between motoring, motor-sailing and sailing, allowing a range of enhanced information to be accessed, including cumulative engine hours for the boat. Every time the mode is changed, the colour of the live track alters so the length of time spent in each mode can be viewed at a glance, plus an entry is made in the user’s logbook.

The updated app also includes a new GPS Alert to avoid poor GPS reception at the start of a journey and a new GPS Signal Strength Indicator on all Map Screens to improve the accuracy of tracks.

UK app development company RiverIsle launched the app to offer users the ability to permanently record and capture their voyages in a convenient and secure digital format. Providing a real alternative to the more expensive and limited paper logbook, the WaveTrax app and its user website allows all the information which is normally written into a paper logbook to be managed, enhanced, presented and shared via social media.

RiverIsle director Paul Cuss said: “Following feedback from our users across the world, we are delighted to launch WaveTrax 1.0.6 which successfully addresses the requests of many of our correspondents and continues our quest to revolutionise the marine logbook. We particularly feel that users will appreciate the capability to view the different modes of travel via the track colour, so they can note and interpret the figures for engine hours and times of other modes.

“It is our aim with WaveTrax to take the paper logbook into a comprehensive digital format in a way which increases the value of logbook keeping for all boaters and also adds some fun to a task which may have been tedious for some people. The trend of using electronic devices onboard is growing and is already proving invaluable to many boaters. We have noticed that tablets in particular, due to the wider screen, are being used to automatically create a logbook using WaveTrax, but also for general internet communications and multiple apps while on board.”

WaveTrax 1.0.6 can be downloaded now for £9.99 through the iTunes store (search for ‘sailing logbook or marine logbook’) or visit www.wavetrax.com. The web-app is free on 30-day trial then chargeable at local equivalent currency to GBP4.49 per year (free to app users).

WaveTrax 1.0.6 includes the following new features:

•    LIVE DASHBOARD: Introduces new functions to mark changes in Mode between Motoring/Motor-Sailing/Sailing and Paused, which allows the following:
- Automatic capture of Log Entry for Time of Change
- Easy monitoring of all modes on the Map with Change in Track colour
- Cumulative Times of each mode for all journeys
- Automatic calculation of Engine Hours using Mode
- Availability of updated Log print out and Web views with new data
- Cumulative Engine Hours for your boat

•    GPS ALERT AT JOURNEY START: To avoid poor GPS reception when beginning a Journey and significantly reduce a source of poor quality logs.

•    GPS SIGNAL STRENGTH INDICATOR: Used on all Map Screens during a journey to dynamically adjust tracking based on the actual accuracy of the GPS, thus reducing random track lines.

•    NEW LAYOUT: Featured on specific screens.


•    AUTO SCREEN LOCK: Disables when downloading large files in Saved Maps.

WaveTrax has already transformed the way boaters can digitally record and share journeys and has achieved widespread use in over 65 countries.

WaveTrax automatically creates a log of every voyage using mobile technology and GPS to reliably capture, manage, present and share all of the information usually entered into a paper logbook. Key advantages include free worldwide nautical maps, the ability to bring the log to life by adding annotations and images to a route, the automatic compilation of the user’s boating and crew history, and the capability to store documents and complicated boat data. WaveTrax is supported by a user website and allows the creation of a detailed PDF log print out if required.

For further support with the updates or advice about using WaveTrax, then please contact support@wavetrax.com or visit www.wavetrax.com.


Date: March 2015

Notes for editors:
Regional price information is available on request.

About WaveTrax™
WaveTrax™ is a marine logbook app owned by RiverIsle Ltd and launched in January 2014. Following extensive testing and product development by app development company AppCreatives.co.uk, the introduction of WaveTrax represents the next stage in the evolution of the marine logbook for sailors and boaters worldwide. The WaveTrax app harnesses the power of mobile technology and GPS to simplify how sailors traditionally log their journeys on paper-based logbooks and adds a number of unique features to create the world’s most fully-featured logbook app for sailing.

RiverIsle director Paul Cuss has worked in the Telecoms and IT markets in leadership positions for over 25 years, including CEO of mobile software companies, following earlier employment in the oil exploration industry. He is also a passionate sailor.

Key features of WaveTrax include:
•    Automated logging using a device’s GPS to accurately capture data like speed and heading. Time-stamped log entries are created on the hour, at set distance markers, whenever Mode is changed and when a note or photo is added. WaveTrax functions with or without internet connection. Wi-Fi only iPads need a Bluetooth compatible receiver.

•    Live Dashboard shows real-time trip data including time, distance and speed. Position is tracked with built-in nautical maps, which can be streamed for free or downloaded for offline use. Journey can be paused and Modes changed between Sailing, Motoring and Sailing/Motoring.

•    Departure and destination ports, boat, skipper and crew set for each trip.

•    Choice of imperial, metric or nautical units.

•    Logs can be signed on in-built write pad or signed by the skipper.

•    Trips are synced to the WaveTrax website and stored where they can be viewed and edited. An overview of activity includes engine hours and night hours. PDFs of logs can be printed and logs can be created of past voyages.

•    Trips can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and email from both the App and the website. A completed voyage can be shared by exported a GPX track straight from the App.

•    Boating Certificates and other important documents can be uploaded and shared from iPhone or iPad.

•    Crewmates and boats can be added and shared by scanning the QR code generated by the App.

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