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Luna Rossa: today we are Challengers together

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These unpredictable and unimaginable days prompt us to think about our values and goals, that now more than ever they must be the compass that helps us to guide and do not lose sight of the path.
Hence our new message of "Challengers, Together", based on the concepts of the challenge and strength of the group.
A message that emphasises two words very important to us: Challenger and Team.
Challenger, because the challenge we are facing is much bigger than anyone could have imagined and it involves us all, both on and off the boat.
Team, because this challenge, which is very different from the ones we are used to facing at sea, is one that we want to win together.
These values are the same principles that guide us in this difficult period but at the same time enable us to look forward with confidence, allowing us to continue fighting for our final goal.
At this time we want to express our support for everyone who, with great commitment and courage, is on the front line in this world-changing battle.


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