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52 World Championship: Quantum Racing is the new world Champion

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Bronenosec Gazprom has a good result with a fifth place at 52 World Championship
Bronenosec Gazprom has a good result with a fifth place at 52 World Championship

52 World Championship- 52 Super Series


Quantum Racing is the new world Championship, Bronenosec Gazprom concludes in fifth place.


Mahon, September 18th 2016 - Five days of challenging and demanding sailing, with ten races sailed in a variety of meteorological conditions, have eventually determined who is the 52 World Champion of 2016: for the fifth time since 2008, Quantum Racing (Baird/Hutchinson) has reached the highest step of the podium.

Until yesterday, it was evident that the fight was still open and, after the first race of today, the hopes for Azzurra to reach Quantum Racing were higher than ever, with the distance between them being reduced to only five points. It was in the last race, though, that it became clear that the gap with Quantum Racing was not surmountable and, scoring a tenth place, Azzurra placed itself in the second place of the ranking with 45 points.

Provezza concluded this Championship in third position, with just one point of margin over the fourth classified, Ran Racing, already 52 World Champion in 2013.

After a beginning of Championship that was not so easy, also the crew of Bronenosec Gazprom managed to take home a good result with a fifth place. "It was a tough week, especially in the last two days, when it was very demanding to helm with such a swelling wave - declared Vladimir Liubomirov, owner-driver of Bronenosec Gazprom - but even if we had a bad start in this World Championship, we eventually managed to recover and gain some places in the overall ranking. Day by day we've been improving, doing good starts in the races and often reaching marks along with the leading pack: I would say that, after all, I'm very satisfied with this result". 

The composition of the ranking confirms Liubomirov's words over the complexity of helming in this conditions and puts into evidence, once again, the complexity and the technicality of this boat and class, in which no owner-driver didn't managed to win any race of this World Championship. 

After crowning Quantum Racing 2016 World Champion, 52 Super Series is not going to finish: the crews are waited in October in Cascais, where the last leg of this year is taking place and where the overall winner of the Series will be determined. As far as today, Quantum Racing is the leader of the overall ranking (113 points), followed by Azzurra (180) and Ran Racing (191).

In Mahon, Bronenosec Gazprom has been sailed by Vladimir Liubomirov (owner-driver), Michele Ivaldi (skipper-strategist), Adrian Stead (tactician), Francesco Mongelli (navigator), Victor Serezhkin (backstay), Paul Westlake (mainsail trimmer), Claudio Celon (trimmer), Zack Hurst (trimmer), Emanuele Marino (grinder), Pietro Mantovani (grinder), Andy Fethers (pitman), Alex Kulakov (floater), Michele Cannoni (mid-bow) and Alberto Barovier (team manager-bowman). The team activity has been coordinated by the coach Francesco de Angelis, while the shore team has been led by Francesco Binetti Pozzi.

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The season of Bronenosec Sailing Team is supported by Gazprom, Garmin, FSE Robline, USail and Meteowind.

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