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52 World Championship: Bronenosec Gazprom waits for a change of gear

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Bronenosec Gazprom in Mahon, sailed by Vladimir Liubomirov
Bronenosec Gazprom in Mahon, sailed by Vladimir Liubomirov



52 World Championship - 52 Super Series: Bronenosec Gazprom Waits for a change of gear


Mahon, September 15th, 2016 - After a long day of sailing, where the crews were out in the water for almost six hours, racing in a windward-leeward and in a seventeen-miles-long coastal regatta, some changes to the ranking of this 52 World Championship of Mahon have occurred.

Quantum Racing, that also after today's races is on top of the ranking, shows no weaknesses at all, closing the first regatta of the day in first position with a margin of over one minute over the second classified, Ràn Racing, and scoring a second in the coastal. 

The coastal race was characterized by a light and shifty breeze blowing around 9-12 knots in the beginning and that eventually went down to 4-5 knots in the last marks. It was dominated by Azzurra that, after the tenth and seventh places scored in the second and third races of this Championship, started an amazing come back over the leader of the ranking, Quantum Racing.  

The overall ranking, after four races, sees Quantum Racing as uncontested leader with 6 points, followed by Azzurra with 19 points, and Platoon, third with 20 points. 

The crew of Bronenosec Gazprom, the boat carrying the colors of the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, experienced difficult races today, scoring a ninth in the windward-leeward and a eleventh in the coastal race. The expectations for the crew were great, also after the stunning result obtained in Puerto Portals, but something here, in the first two days of racing in Menorca, is not going as expected. 

Francesco Mongelli, navigator of the team, released just a few statements after the races of today: "It's hard to admit that we are not sailing well - he declared - because we are doing too many mistakes of which we're conscious, we exactly know what was wrong on board and we must work to fix it". 

The crew of Bronenosec Gazprom arrived in Mahon with a very positive attitude and with confident feelings, also derived from the good results obtained in the previous events of the 52 Super Series. As far as today, some things have changed: "It's obvious that the feeling on board today is not so good, it's the fourth race in a row that we don't conclude the way we expected and we must work to change this trend" added Mongelli.

Despite this, the attitude to face the next days is positive: "We have to make some steps to come back in the fleet, fighting hard to conclude this Championship in the right way and to maintain a good ranking for the season. Last, but not least, we are not going to give up especially for ourselves" concluded the navigator of Bronenosec Gazprom.

Tomorrow, the preparatory signal will be given at 12.30. After a rainy morning, regattas should be sailed in sunny conditions; wind is forecasted to blow from the West at 8-10 knots.

In Mahon, Bronenosec Gazprom is sailed by Vladimir Liubomirov (owner-driver), Michele Ivaldi (skipper-tactician), Adrian Stead (strategist), Francesco Mongelli (navigator), Victor Serezhkin (backstay), Paul Westlake (mainsail trimmer), Claudio Celon (trimmer), Zack Hurst (trimmer), Emanuele Marino (grinder), Pietro Mantovani (grinder), Andy Fethers (pitman), Alex Kulakov (floater), Michele Cannoni (mid-bow) and Alberto Barovier (team manager-bowman). The team activity is coordinated by the coach Francesco de Angelis, while the shore team is led by Francesco Binetti Pozzi.

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The season of Bronenosec Sailing Team is supported by Gazprom, Garmin, FSE Robline, USail and Meteowind.


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