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Duffield 58: first sea trials after Newport Boat Show 2017

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Duffield 58 Doug Zurn design first sea trials
Duffield 58 Doug Zurn design first sea trials

Duffield 58 delivers on her promise. Excellent performance, comfort, and livability. Here's a report from first sea trials after the show presentation:
- West coast-style of ocean-going trawler
- Performance, efficiency and simplicity for maintenance
- Single engine’s power transmitted through a Seatorque Control Boss Enclosed Shaft System
- Stability in motion and at rest: Duffield 58 is coupled with Humphree Interceptors ACTIVE ride control combined with SeaKeeper Gyro.


The Duffield 58 has been running near daily since her March launch in preparation for her debut at the Newport In-Water Boat Show in Newport Beach, California. Every time he’s pushed the throttle forward, boat builder Marshall “Duffy” Duffield, has been impressed. She embodies his conception in every way from acceleration to fuel consumption, from cruise speed to top speed, from comfort on deck to comfort below.
“We have been surprised by the acceleration of this 55,000-pound cruising boat,”
according to Duffield. “It almost leaps onto a plane. The combination of the large diameter propeller and tons of torque coming from the big 1,000-horsepower CAT is very impressive. At cruise speeds the cabin sound is just 64 decimals she’s so smooth and quiet. And the fuel burn rates are crazy low. I can tell by the look on peoples’ faces when I tell them the numbers that they don’t believe me.”  
Duffield and Zurn have hit the mark from their points of view as builder and designer. That’s great, but the point of view that really holds water is that of the customer.
“Everyone who stepped aboard during the show was very impressed. They all talked about the overall quality and finish, how nice it was,” said Duffield after the show. “They completely understood the advantages of the open-plan saloon, being able to see 360-degrees was dramatic. It was a great first showing and we came away with a couple of serious prospects and we are already building hull #2”. 

The Duffield 58 is simplicity at its best while creating an exceptional environment for those on passage. With easy access for maintaining systems, high-end construction quality throughout, and efficiency born of lightweight, creative design and careful planning, the passages will be long and comfortable.

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