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YXT 20m Support vessel

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YXT 20m Support vessel
YXT 20m Support vessel

The XYT 20 was conceived to support power and sailing yachts of any size, or be an explorer yacht, all on her own. She is created in the Netherlands in an ultramodern, climate-controlled facility with traditional Dutch craftsmanship by people who love the sea.YXT20 is built to go to sea - rugged and stable but with an agile cruising performance that supports her special mission.


This unit features a large 45 square meter deck, large e nough for tenders and the other toys requested by the owner of the mothership: the yacht was conceived as a support vessel for superyachts ranging from 30 to over 70 meters. YXT 20 has a white livery, giving her a fresh and m ore marine aspect.

This color scheme also emphasizes the gamma's production philosophy: created for carrying extra toys and gadgets, the vessel's use is closer to the fun and leisure aspects of seagoing. A stern mounted gangway davit, allows to use the transom beach area to carry tenders and jet skis. The stairs and the first four meters of deck are completed in teak, underlining the yachting style of the YXT 20. The YXT 20's interiors design is by Franck Darnet of Franck Darnet Design.

The unit is propelled by two 715hp Cummins diesels giving her a r ange of 900 nautical miles. LAYOUT The most compact member of the YXT shadow boat fleet” has a four person crew quarters with two twin cabins with baths, galley, storage and laun dry rooms, plus one large storage container accessible from the main deck. It can also be used for extra refrigerator appliances, wine cellars, or when necessary, as extra berths (depending on the final destination of the yacht). DAVITS AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT The primary characteristic of every support vessel: the YXT 20 features two davits - the primary is located on the main deck, the secondary, which also serves as the gangway, at the stern. The davits have a lifting capacity of 1.7 tons with a 5 meter reach and 360° slewing. INTERIORS Guest area and lounge: bulkheads and overheads in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood, parquet flooring. Furnishings in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood CREW QUARTERS Bulkheads in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood, parquet flooring.

Furnishings in white laminate veneer marine grade plywood with wood trim. YXT 20 STORAGE DIMENSIONS AND VOLUME Hold: 5m x 5m, 25 m² Available volume: apx. 30m³ with standing headroom Length: 5m Width at deck level: apx. 5.5m Centerline headroom: 1.8m/1.95m Lateral headroom (for storage only): 1.25m Available storage volume: 30cbm The YXT range - 20 to 36 meter steel displacement shadow boats /support vessels The 20m to 36m production range was conceived with a completely different philosophy and vision in respect to traditional Lynx Yachts. President Slim Bouricha strongly believes in the use and diffusion of this type of vessel; he does not consider the shadow boat to be just a short lived trend but a boat that every owner will sooner or later consider useful.

This explains the yard's investment in producing YXT yachts both in series and on spec, conforming to very precise choices in construction, transport, material and operating costs. YXT support vessel range - general characteristics Support vessels are designed to accompany the mothership, supplying additional storage, large tender transport, laundry and ironing, submersibles, water toys, helicopters, etc., or as support vessels for race boats.

They double, if not triple, the space available for owners, allowing them to bring everything they desire on vacation with them, including their favorite car or helicopter. Depending on the boat's configuration and final use, the YXT also means extra space for guests or the possibility to include, just for example, a prof essional galley, spa or gym.


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