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X-Yachts is pleased to announce the launch of the new X4_9

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X-Yachts X4_9
X-Yachts X4_9


In 2016, X-Yachts launched the new pure ‘X’ range which included the X4³ and the X6⁵. This range was exceptionally well received by both press and clients with more than 50 yachts sold in the first year. The ‘X’ range incorporates the best elements from both the Xcruising range and the Xperformance range into one beautifully designed performance cruiser capable of delivering ‘Suberb Sailing Pleasure’

Whether doing family sailing trips, long distance blue water cruising or competitive sailing, the X4⁹ offers the best combination of everything X-Yachts has developed over the years.

X49 will have a very low center of gravity, has a carefully engineered and designed hull, powerful epoxy infused sections, heavy lead bulb, tanks below the floorboards, triple spreader, rod rig supported mast, folding propeller and recessed hull skin fittings, and will “deliver” in both light and strong breezes.

X-Yachts X4_9 Saloon
X-Yachts X4_9 Saloon

The spacious interiors offer a multitude of options to ensure the yacht is well suited to specific needs. The standard Oak interior is light and airy, while the optional teak interior offers a more classic look.

The X49 is offered at an introduction price of Euro 479,900 for the 10 first models. Included in this price is X-Yachts standard Quality Package representing a value of Euro 75,500.

The new X49 will debut at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in January 2018.

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